Zybio Hematology Analyzer in Kenya

The Zybio Hematology Analyzer has been designed to remain up with the pace of the never-ending demands from users. Zybio hematology analyzers use three primary technologies to spice up their functionality and maintain their uniqueness. The technologies include fluorescent flow cytometry, electrical impendence, and flow cytometry. Both semi-automated and fully automated Zybio hematology analyzers are manufactured to assist healthcare providers and even researchers count and characterizing blood cells to detect or maybe monitor diseases.

Zybio product manufacturers have finally enabled scientists and other users to switch the manual methods when they want to perform hematological tests. As a result, more technologies are being discovered to expound the knowledge on hematology analysis. The provision of such technologies has led to the manufacturing of fully automated and semi-automated hematology analyzers. This product uses simple technology to return a whole or complete blood count (CBC).


  • The operation is in the midst of a three-part differential white corpuscle count (WBC).

  • This version of the Zybio analyzer uses the principle of flow cytometry with triangle laser scatter and chemical dye method to investigate white blood cells.

  • Zybio also uses the WBC counting impedance method when counting platelets and red blood cells. When measuring hemoglobin, cyanide is employed as a free reagent.

  • The merchandise works well when maintained at a temperature of between 10°C and 30°C.

  • The gas pressure must be maintained between 70kPa and 106kPa.

  • On the opposite side, it's essential for the humidity level to range between 20% and 85%.

  • The fully automated Zybio hematology analyzer includes a capacity of ≥50,000. In other words, these are the full results composed of graphical and numeric information.

  • The fully automated Zybio hematology analyzer provides a throughput of 70 samples per hour.

  • Zybio hematology analyzer has an 8.4-inch touch screen for easy navigation.

  • Weight capacity is 25kg.

  • Reagents include probe cleanser, Z5 LB Lyse, Z5 LD Lyse, and Z5 DN diluent.

  • Sample volume: the capillary or venous blood volume is eighteen µL

  • The fully automated Zybio hematology analyzer incorporates a power supply of 100-240, 50/60Hz, 200VA.

  • It gives the operator room for manual calibration and also auto-calibration.


Both the semi and fully automated analyzers use three specific technologies: electrical impedance, flow cytometry, and fluorescent flow cytometry.

Flow Cytometry, Electrical Impedance, And Fluorescent Flow Cytometry.

Flow cytometry is one of the expensive technologies compared to impedance analysis. This can be because such technology requires expensive reagents, which can be challenging to get. However, it's a preferable technology because it provides detailed information regarding the morphology of blood cells. Flow cytometry is highly recommended in situations where 5-part WBC differentials are required.

On the opposite side, electrical impedance technology may be a traditional method of analyzing blood and its constituents. Its analysis only returns 3-part WBC differentials and Complete Blood Counts.

Lastly, the fluorescent flow cytometry technology is restricted to using cell populations. It uses fluorescent dyes to reveal the nucleus-plasma ratio for all stained cells.


Fully Automated Hematology Analyzers

Fully automated hematology analyzers stand a much better chance, on the condition that most users seek efficiency, speed, reliability, and therefore the quality of results they will receive from an analyzer. Fully automated analyzers have a faster speed and offer efficiency even when handling many samples. When polishing off quantitative blood tests, they guarantee increased accuracy and precision, making them preferable to semi-automated hematology analyzers. They also ensure a big reduction of labor requirements such as the operator doesn't have to spend all the time taking notes of the operations. Fully automated Zybio hematology analyzers can also perform various tests within one platform.


Semi-Automated Hematology Analyzer

However, semi-automated hematology analyzers even have advantages that make them preferable to automated ones. First, unlike the fully automated ones, the Zybio semi-automated analyzers don't have flagging laboratory test results. The method is extremely laborious when using an automatic hematology analyzer, although the higher part of the operations is handled automatically. Again, the two products may be expensive to put in, especially the running costs.



Generally, Zybio automated hematology analyzers don't generate the morphology of red blood cells. Just in case there are any abnormal red blood cells, for example, in terms of their shapes, it's difficult to acknowledge them automatically. Every Zybio hematology analyzer, whether wholly or semi-automated, has its advantages and downsides.

Every user has to determine which haemogram to get to support their needs. For example, individuals or organizations which desire to produce their customers with results containing 5- part WBC differentials should go for the fully automated hematology analyzer.

On the opposite side, those whose primary aim is to possess 3-part WBC differentials should be comfortable purchasing the semi-automated hematology analyzer. The selection of which hematology analyzer to use should, therefore, depend upon the product's intended purpose. Looking forward to knowing more regarding the Zybio hematology analyzer? Contact us via email sales@medical.ke

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