Hospital Medical Equipment Requirements in Kenya

  Medical Clinic or Hospital Setup Guide Broken Down in Departments This is What You Require. Setting up a hospital on a clinic can be a daunting task especially all these things that you don't know where to begin and where to end. It is important to divide your task into small portions so that […]

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How to Start a Medical Private Business in Kenya: A Strategic Partnership Approach

By definition, a strategic partnership is a formal alliance between two businesses formalized by one or more business contracts but fails to form a legal partnership or, agency, or corporate affiliate relationship. Strategic Partnership is formed by two companies where each possesses one or more business assets that will help the other, but that each […]

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Medical Doctors as Best Entrepreneurs: Start-up at Shoestring Budget & Succeed.

  Going through medical school and beyond is daunting task that doctors have persistently and successfully conquered. Medical school can impart many knowledge pieces like pathology, healthy life style and more. But the experience could also teach you what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. The startup cost doesn’t have to be a bank […]

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