Hospital Medical Equipment Requirements in Kenya


Medical Clinic or Hospital Setup Guide Broken Down in Departments
This is What You Require.

Setting up a hospital on a clinic can be a daunting task especially all these things that you don't know where to begin and where to end.

It is important to divide your task into small portions so that you won't feel overwhelmed or miss out on anything when setting up a hospital or a clinic

The most important department depends on the specialty or where you're going to focus most of your practice

Having said that there are some departments that are quintessential in every clinic or hospital.


Hospital Departments & Units

  • laboratory Department
  • imaging Department
  • Physical medicine Department
  • urology Department
  • obstetrics and gynecology Department
  • infectious disease Department
  • research Department
  • dental Department
  • surgery and surgical procedures Department
  • critical care unit
  • surgery recovery unit
  • day procedures unit
  • step down or CDU unit
  • general Ward unit
  • cardiac unit
  • Renal in dialysis unit
  • Cath lab unit
  • nuclear medicine unit
  • quality control unit
  • pediatric unit
  • pediatric critical care unit
  • rehabilitation Department
  • home health unit
  • community-based rehabilitation unit


while these units are not present in each hospital, this guide should help you plan accordingly how to equip, design and strategize your facility.

this guide is primarily intended to help you go straight to what you need without confusion.

some departments or unit add required or they must be there for any clinic or hospital to exist.

to get started here are the main unit and Department every health care facility must have In Kenya.


Medical Equipment For Triage Room

whether you are running a small clinic in the villages or a big hospital in Nairobi this department is required for any facility to function.

depending on your area of focus or depending on acuity of the patients that you attend to, different medical equipment tools and supplies are required.

Most hospitals are reception have basic sitting and may have emergency response equipment and supplies.

Here are some of the most important medical equipment to have in a triage area

  • blood pressure machines that should be capable of giving multiparameter readings. Blood pressure machines should include mercurial blood pressure machines for medical professionals and mounted digital machines.
  • Patient thermometers which should include touch free thermometers especially due to airborne diseases
  • fetal Doppler machine. fetal Doppler machine is used for or listening to baby had to beat in the womb. A fetal Doppler machine may also be accompanied by a portable ultrasound machine
  • weighing scale that is compatible with health care practice. the communist and their recommended weighing scale 4 hospitals and clinics it's called Seca 755.
  • At triage or an emergency room should also have a baby weighing scale and they recommended a brand is seca 354
  • mobile measuring mat for babies and toddlers is also required
  • due to respiratory related emergencies there is required to keep add suction machine, oxygen generators, oxygen concentrators end nebulizer machines
  • manual wheelchairs an emergency room trolley bed
  • Stethoscopes
  • otoscopes & ophthalmoscopes
  • Rolling walkers regular Walker end walking frames
  • pulse oximeter


Medical Equipment for Emergency and Recovery rooms

These are equipment required for dealing with life threatening emergencies inside the emergency Department or procedure recovery rooms.

depending on the nature of your clinical hospital the following equipment are extremely important to have and some of them are mandatory

  • multiparameter patient monitors and in this case, they recommended under most popular brand it's called Edan
  • patient defibrillator is mandatory and required in all emergency Department.
  • AED devices which may fall at the defibrillator
  • emergency tall is end stainless steel patient stretchers
  • infusion pumps and poles
  • medicine trolleys and cabinets
  • Hospital beds with Macintosh mattresses add bed sheets

Medical equipment for the hospital consultation room

There are different types of equipment required for the hospital consultation room some of which may have been mentioned before.

details about which equipment are required for the consultation room depends on specialty or specialization.

some of the common medical equipment required for a consultation room include:

  • Examination couch
  • stepping stool
  • type of scope
  • ENT diagnostic kit
  • ophthalmoscope
  • Otoscope
  • X Ray viewer
  • X-ray PAC system
  • patient monitor
  • oxygen delivery unit
  • suction set up
  • disposable gloves
  • color coded PEDAL BINS
  • digital thermometer
  • linen cupboard
  • McIntosh mattress with waterproof underlay


Medical equipment for labor and delivery room

labor and delivery rooms are usually close to the emergency Department. In each Department in the hospital there some equipment that must be there in every Department.

so, you might find repetition of some of these equipment due to the fact that they are required in every Department in any health care facility.

the core equipment and supplies required for labor and delivery room are:

  • Continuous fetal heart rate monitor
  • delivery bed and delivery stirrups
  • baby resuscitation warmer
  • vacuum extractor
  • twin bottle electric suction machine
  • single bottle suction machine
  • Phototherapy lights
  • baby weigh scale (Seca)
  • color coded paddle bins
  • delivery instrument set
  • stainless steel instrument trolley
  • baby incubator
  • baby bed, crib and bassinet
  • Oxygen delivery system
  • emergency surgical kit


Medical Equipment Required for Operating Room

surgical operating rooms are dictated by the type of surgeries that are performed. this can range from simple procedures 2 major procedures.

The following are some of the core equipment required in every operating room in Kenya and nearly anywhere in the world.

  • Anesthesia machine with halothane vaporizer
  • Multifunction operation table either manual or hydraulic
  • Operating room lights
  • multiparameter patient monitor
  • automatic blood pressure machines
  • surgical diathermy machine with 300 Watt glass mono polar and bipolar functions
  • 40 liters sanction machine and a backup one
  • Suture
  • laparotomy instrument kits
  • Dilatation & cutterage instrument set
  • Major caesarian section instrument set
  • general surgery instrument set
  • hysterectomy and tubal ligation instrument set
  • oxygen regulator flowmeter and humidifier
  • adult and infant resuscitation set
  • a crash cart
  • side Jones tool
  • Lead radiation Shielding gown
  • Orthopedic drill and saws
  • Neuro-surgery drill and soul
  • surgical screws and plates
  • Surgical wound dressing kits
  • Medicine cabinet an organizer
  • Infusion pumps and poles
  • infusion sets and fluids
  • blood bank refrigerator
  • blood warmer
  • a defibrillator
  • external pacemakers
  • chest tubes
  • wound vacuum devices
  • colostomy and urostomy bags
  • surgical stapler and surgical staples


Medical equipment for an intensive care unit

there are different types of intensive units. this includes trauma intensive care unit, surgical intensive care unit, cardiac intensive care unit, medicine intensive care unit, burns unit, pediatric intensive care unit, neonatal intensive care unit, Neurosurgical intensive care unit

as you can see there are different types of critical care units with different needs and this requires different types of equipment

here are general medical equipment required for critical care unit in general.

  • multiparameter patient monitor in each room
  • intensive care patient ventilator
  • defibrillator
  • imagine safe crash cart
  • telemetry patient monitor workstation
  • infusion pumps
  • syringe pumps
  • critical care hospital beds with mattresses
  • intensive care unit baby incubators
  • blood gas analyzer
  • V poles an infusion pump
  • Patient warming blankets
  • patient cooling blankets
  • suture removal kits
  • Tube feeding pumps
  • Suction devices
  • Cpap machines
  • bipap machines
  • backup oxygen delivery unit and oxygen concentrators
  • patient travel monitors


Medical Equipment Required for a Hospital Laboratory

laboratory unit is one of the most profitable departments in a hospital or health clinic. just like any other hospital unit the number of hospital laboratory machine is dependent on the type of procedures performed in that Department.

Here are some of the commonest laboratory equipment.

  • hematology machine with differential
  • biochemistry analyzer
  • point of care blood gas analyzer
  • lab scales
  • microscopes
  • blood mixes
  • VDRL shakers
  • microplate
  • micropipette
  • laboratory in Jupiter
  • laboratory hot air oven
  • water bath
  • blood bank refrigerators
  • biosafety cabinet
  • graduated pipettes
  • autoclave machines with thermostat
  • glucometers
  • multiple blood tubes of all kinds
  • rapid test kits


Radiology and Imaging Department Medical Equipment

ahead of laboratory Department imaging and radiology Department is the most profitable Department in health care.

here are some of the basic imaging and radiology Department medical equipment

  1. Portable ultrasound machines which may include cardiac, general imaging, gynecology portable ultrasound machines. Portable ultrasound machines cost anywhere from 500,000 up to 6 million Kenyan shillings depending on make model and imaging capabilities
  2. trolley ultrasound machines: just like portable ultrasound machines, trolley ultrasound machines can be expensive depending on capabilities make and model raging from 1.8 million up to 10,000,000 Kenyan shillings.
  3. X Ray machines. X Ray machine cost is primarily determined by type of technology used in imaging make a model open the device. some of the commonest imaging technologies include Analogue X Ray, digital X Ray, direct digital radiography (DDR)
  4. CT scan machines. CT scan machine prices are determined by make and model, number of slices, and type of technology used in imaging.
  5. MRI machines. these machines are usually very expensive raging anywhere between 10,000,000 Kenya shillings and a hundred million Kenyan shillings or even more.
  6. mammogram machines: these are rare machines in Kenya and most of Africa primarily because of poor awareness about breast cancer. you can expect to pay anywhere between 2.5 million Kenyan shillings for a refurbished mammogram machine up to 20,000,000 Kenyan shillings for a brand-new mammogram machine depending on make, model in imaging technology.
  7. dental x-ray machines. Dental xray machines are some of the most affordable imaging equipment raging anywhere between 450,000 Kenyan shillings to 1.9 million Kenyan shillings
  8. panoramic dental machines. Panoramic dental x-ray machines are also called OPG dental machines. these machines are capable of imaging the whole face including the jaw.
  9. X Ray viewer. X Ray viewers are becoming rare by the day due to the introduction of digital imaging and direct digital radiography.
  10. PACS system. these systems are software packages used by radiologist and doctors to view and diagnose radiography images. tax system allows doctors and health care providers to be able to manipulate him radiology images.
  11. computed radiography machines also called CR machines: these machines are used for converting traditional analog image into a digital image.
  12. Lead radiation shielding gowns: lead counts are used by providers and the patient to prevent unnecessary exposure of radiations.

Proper planning and knowledge of medical equipment required in every Department can save you time and money when setting up a clinic or hospital anywhere in Kenya.

let us guide you through this process and we can guarantee you that is there is any single item we cannot get for you; we will make sure to outsource it for you.


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