Portable LED Clinic Gynecological Examination Lamp

Reliable lighting equipment that doesn't generate glare, shadows, or other hindering effects is necessary for a thorough skin inspection. Lighting systems for examination rooms should offer a balance of cozy ambient and task lighting. The choice of the proper equipment is very difficult to work due to the variety of lighting devices and the wide […]

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Infant Radiant Warmer

Introduction Life is full of surprises and, above all, challenges. People's expectations can be challenged when they least expect them. Despite the challenging pregnancy, some mothers sometimes experience the highest form of disappointment. This happens when circumstances force them to have their babies before they become term. Some women have challenges, especially those with issues […]

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SonoScape E2 Ultrasound Machine

The SonoScape E2 has been categorized as an economical portable ultrasound system that supports color Doppler and is designed for vascular, veterinary, urology, cephalic, small parts, pediatric, obstetrical, musculoskeletal, gynecology, cardiac and abdominal exams. Compared to the older generations of the ultrasound machine, the SonoScape E2 has a more advanced software platform and hardware, with […]

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Chison SonoBook

  The Chison SonoBook is a laptop-style ultrasound machine and is one of the most advanced cardiovascular systems. The advanced cardiac and vascular images are a very notable breakthrough in the field of imaging. In addition to this, the SonoBook operates as a very good, shared service portable ultrasound machine. The machine was released in […]

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Mindray Z6 Portable Doppler Ultrasound Machine

Overview The Mindray Z6 portable doppler ultrasound machine is best used for General Imaging, OB/GYN, and basic cardiac applications. The Z6 ultrasonic system is portable and lightweight with Color Doppler. It is a well-balanced machine with top-notch workflow applications and advanced technology improvisations. Mindray Z6 is one of the most affordable ultrasound machines with color […]

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GE Voluson e Portable Ultrasound Machine

  The GE Voluson e is a lower cpst portable ultrasound machine that is a scaled down version of the Voluson-i.  The GE Voluson e still offers the best 4D image quality  beyond other gynecology machine competitors but has less probes and features than the Voluson-i. The Voluson e is a compact portable machine that makes […]

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GE 4D Ultrasound Machines: The Voluson 730

  GE 4D ultrasound Machines for Sale in Kenya- The Voluson 730 4D ultrasound imaging in Kenya is still a very new girl in town. In fact, so new that only the elite and high end hospitals and clinics have 4D ultrasound imaging. Ultrasound evolved, and has been evolving for many years in countries like […]

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