Mindray Z6 Portable Doppler Ultrasound Machine


The Mindray Z6 portable doppler ultrasound machine is best used for General Imaging, OB/GYN, and basic cardiac applications. The Z6 ultrasonic system is portable and lightweight with Color Doppler.

It is a well-balanced machine with top-notch workflow applications and advanced technology improvisations. Mindray Z6 is one of the most affordable ultrasound machines with color doppler.

They are convenient for startups because of the high return on investment for sonographers. They come with two transducer connectors and have a rechargeable battery.

The portable doppler has a compact design that makes it easy to use and move around with various places. Imaging is 2D which in turn brings out clear images hence delivers quality patient care. 


Z6 digital ultrasonic system is a machine that offers an ideal combination of speed, quality, and flexibility during diagnostic imaging. 

It has image-enhancing technologies that provide the sonographer with an accurate and effective diagnosis. It is a pocket-friendly and affordable color machine.

Mindray Z6 comes with two probe connectors to help you especially when you're using more than one probe at the same time.

This is to assist clinicians to maximize in radiology procedures. In addition to that, it also has imaging technologies that include the iScape, iClear, iTouch, Storage, and iBeam to improve image quality. 


  • Dopplers; Color, Pulse Wave (PW), Power, and Tissue doppler
  • 15” high definition LCD monitor with a tilt display
  • Tissue harmonic imaging
  • Dual universal transducer connectors
  • iStation for patient information management software
  • 4 USB ports,  one VGA output,  One video output
  • Dual split and quad split
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x  768
  • Electronic trackball
  • Weight including batteries - 8.8 kgs
  •  Portable and lightweight
  • A rechargeable battery of up to 1.5 hours  of usage

Other Features

Emerging Technologies; iClear TM adaptive speckle suppression imaging,  first shift harmonic imaging,  iBeam TM spatial compounding imaging, iScape panoramic view, and B Steer imaging.  Trapezoid imaging and virtual convex. M-mode Backlit keyboard. 

For a sonographer looking to start up a clinic or hospital, Z6 is a good option because the features take care of all the basic general imaging requirements.

The machine comes with needle visualization software which enables safe ultrasound-guided injections. Another thing is that it has ExFOV which is an extended view of the anatomical structure of all the transducers. 

For carotid examinations, there is an intima-media thickness that enables automatic measurement of the anterior and posterior wall thickness. 

If you're thinking of getting yourself an ultrasound machine with color Doppler then we recommend the Mindray Z6. 

It's affordable and works with one's budget and so you don't have to strain when setting up a simple healthcare station.

At GM medical, we aim at having our sonography clients our clients achieve set goals as well as deliver quality services to the patients.

Do you desire to start up a clinic? Please get in touch with us on sales@medical.ke and we shall take you through and advise accordingly.

 We've got you covered!

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