SonoScape E2 Ultrasound Machine

The SonoScape E2 has been categorized as an economical portable ultrasound system that supports color Doppler and is designed for vascular, veterinary, urology, cephalic, small parts, pediatric, obstetrical, musculoskeletal, gynecology, cardiac and abdominal exams. Compared to the older generations of the ultrasound machine, the SonoScape E2 has a more advanced software platform and hardware, with […]

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Philips CX50 Portable Ultrasound Machine

  The Philips CX50 brings a new level of image technology designed for big system performance and critical study requirements. PureWave technology represents the biggest breakthrough in piezoelectric transducer material for the last 40 years. The ultrasound machine is 85 percent more efficient compared to other piezoelectric material which results in exceptional performance. In addition […]

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MindRay M7 Ultrasound Available in Kenya

The Ultimate Portable Cardiac Ultrasound Machine. After the Mindray M7 was released initially, the portable ultrasound market witnessed a new ground. It was notable for its proficiency in the market, such as MSK/Orthopedics, nerve blocks, and also capabilities of the heart. Since the nature of it was very advanced, it was beyond the reach of […]

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GE Vivid iq Ultrasound Machine

  The GE Vivid IQ is a portable ultrasound system with an integrated full touch screen control, conventional user control panel, and trackpad design instead of the trackball interface. The design of the GE Vivid IQ is lightweight, moreover, come with one DLP and three RS to support 6VT-D ports and a dedicated cart. The […]

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Chison SonoBook

  The Chison SonoBook is a laptop-style ultrasound machine and is one of the most advanced cardiovascular systems. The advanced cardiac and vascular images are a very notable breakthrough in the field of imaging. In addition to this, the SonoBook operates as a very good, shared service portable ultrasound machine. The machine was released in […]

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Siemens Acuson Cypress Plus

  Siemens Acuson Cypress Plus - Is this The Best Portable Ultrasound That You Didn't Know About?   The Siemens Acuson Cypress PLUS is a portable ultrasound machine that offers a wide range of cardiovascular applications and provides comprehensive measurements and calculations, such as, peripheral vascular, abdominal vascular, transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) for both adult and […]

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GE Vivid-I Portable Ultrasound Machine

  GE Vivid i The GE Vivid ultrasound machine delivers excellent image quality for vascular and cardiac imaging. The design of the machine also enables the assessment of LV function and cardiac performance more efficiently and clearly than ever before. Below is a generalized description of the features and options available in the GE vivid […]

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GE Vivid-Q Portable Ultrasound Machine

  GE Vivid Q             The GE Vivid Q is a more powerful version of the Vivid I ultrasound machine and has more quantitative features such as blood flow imaging, blood flow, TSI, TT, TVI, AFI, auto EF, and ICE. The portable ultrasound machine is a pinnacle of portable cardiovascular ultrasounds. The ultrasound machine produces […]

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Edan Acclarix

  The Edan Aclarix ultrasound system is featured with a full portable diagnostic ultrasound platform that is designed from the ground. In addition, it focuses on delivering levels of performance and innovation relentlessly. The portable ultrasound system is capable of solving real clinical challenges with its meaningful innovations, intrinsic quality, intelligent workflow, definitive image quality, […]

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Mindray M8 Elite

  The Mindray M8 Elite is an upgraded and newer version of a shared service portable ultrasound device; the device comes with a 15.6” touch screen display and a conventional control panel that improves the overall quality and controls of operations. The portable ultrasound machine offers a user-friendly platform with 3T technology, single crystal transducers, […]

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Mindray Z6 Portable Doppler Ultrasound Machine

Overview The Mindray Z6 portable doppler ultrasound machine is best used for General Imaging, OB/GYN, and basic cardiac applications. The Z6 ultrasonic system is portable and lightweight with Color Doppler. It is a well-balanced machine with top-notch workflow applications and advanced technology improvisations. Mindray Z6 is one of the most affordable ultrasound machines with color […]

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Contec Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

  Simple and easy image management function, reports can be printed and output Perfect for small animals like cat, dogs, Rabbits, etc Veterinary ultrasound scanner with 10.1 inch LCD display Can be connected with video printer, ink-jet printer, laser printer Multi-frequency micro convex probe (2.0/ 2.5/3.5/4.0/5.0 MHz.) The center frequency is 3.5Mhz Main Features The […]

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GE Voluson e Portable Ultrasound Machine

  The GE Voluson e is a lower cpst portable ultrasound machine that is a scaled down version of the Voluson-i.  The GE Voluson e still offers the best 4D image quality  beyond other gynecology machine competitors but has less probes and features than the Voluson-i. The Voluson e is a compact portable machine that makes […]

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GE Vivid e Portable Cardiac Ultrasound Machine

GE Vivid e, The Rolls Royce of Portable Cardiac Echocardiography. Being a medium cost high performance cardiac imaging portable ultrasound machine, GE Vivid e makes choosing a portable system as easy as using it. It is the single most trusted cardiology portable ultrasound machine in the world, now available in Kenya & East Africa. With […]

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EDAN U60 Colour Doppler Portable Ultrasound Machine

  Edan U60 Portable Ultrasound Machine Edan U60 is a shared portable ultrasound machine designed with a philosophy focused on providing clear imaging for confident diagnosis and procedure guidance, a compact, user centric design, The Edan U60 has a comprehensive set of applications including abdominal, OB/GYN, vascular, cardiac, pediatric, MSK, Urology and small parts. The […]

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EDAN DUS 60 Portable Ultrasound Machine

EDAN DUS 60 Portable Ultrasound Machine is a low priced shared service portable ultrasound with prices starting at only KSH 550,000 depending on the probes and attachments requested. Edan DUS 60 is a fierce competitor to Mindray DP- 20 portable Ultrasound machines, available in Kenya starting KSH 550,000. Ultrasound Features Innovative Technologies Phase-inversion harmonic compound […]

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GE Logiq E Portable Ultrasound Machine

  The GE Logiq e is perhaps the most well-known and the best selling portable in the world.  No any other portable ultrasound machine is this powerful or has sold as many units. The GE Loqiq E is available in Kenya & East Africa at GM Medical. GE Logiq e is a midrange to economy […]

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