MindRay M7 Ultrasound Available in Kenya

The Ultimate Portable Cardiac Ultrasound Machine.

After the Mindray M7 was released initially, the portable ultrasound market witnessed a new ground.

It was notable for its proficiency in the market, such as MSK/Orthopedics, nerve blocks, and also capabilities of the heart.

Since the nature of it was very advanced, it was beyond the reach of most of the mobile companies, private practices, and small hospitals.

Therefore, it was a famous solution to replace the expensive console and advanced portable machines with Phillips and GE.

However, even though the M& continues to improve its quality in terms of performance and usability, the price of the device is still relatively expensive compared to other portable ultrasound machines in the market.

Fortunately, that has changed.

As of now, the price of M7 is now in direct competition with some used and new portable ultrasound machines, such as the SonoSite Edge, SonoSite M-Turbo, GE Logiq e, and Chison Q9.

The Mindray M7 has good performance and value for those looking for a mid to upper range ultrasound machine.


Even though the competition is tough, the M7 does a relatively good job in the areas of a wide range of applications.

The device is a full shared service portable ultrasound machine; it is recommended to purchase this for cardiac only applications, especially for those who have a budget that cannot manage a more advanced cardiovascular portable ultrasound machine.

The M7 comes with all major imaging technologies found in market competitive portable ultrasound machines, with very good image quality.

The device comes with a wide range of available transducers which make it a versatile system and the image quality throughout the probes is quite good.

Another popular application of the M7 includes its needle-guidance software and nerve visualization. It is one of the first few machines that perform this well and make it a good system for regional anesthesia or any type of needle guidance.

The M7 is great for nearly every application and the resolution of the device is excellent; it performs PW Doppler, color, and deep-tissue 2d very well. Although the color flow may take a little tweaking, at times, this is a fairly common drawback of most ultrasound machines.

For those who have a limited budget and are looking to do more cardiac, the M7 would be the best choice in terms of budget and image quality.

Key Applications

The most common and popular uses of the Mindray M7 include:

  • Vascular
  • Venous (ablation, mapping)
  • MSK/Orthopedic
  • Mobile Ultrasound
  • Regional Anesthesia
  • Pain Management
  • Small Parts

Although cardiac is used less commonly on the machine, it is very capable for a full cardiac exam. The machine is capable for performing all studies needed for a standard echo exam, particularly compared to mobile companies that perform a limited cardiac exam. The M7 is a well-built and durable machine that comes with a very long warranty. The device is reliable and on a continuous look out for improving the quality of its system.

MindRay M7 Ultrasound - Kenya

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Mindray M7 ultrasound machine without probes @1.4M

Mindray M7 ultrasound machine with two probes @4M

Mindray M7 premium ultrasound machine with three probes @5M

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