GE Vivid-Q Portable Ultrasound Machine


GE Vivid Q

            The GE Vivid Q is a more powerful version of the Vivid I ultrasound machine and has more quantitative features such as blood flow imaging, blood flow, TSI, TT, TVI, AFI, auto EF, and ICE. The portable ultrasound machine is a pinnacle of portable cardiovascular ultrasounds.

The ultrasound machine produces high-quality imaging conveniently through a portable package. The machine is a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine that provides clinicians with advanced qualifications and excellent images.

The lightweight design of the device makes it perfectly suited for use in OR, OB, pediatric/fetal, abdominal, vascular, and cardiac applications.

The ultrasound machine is literally no bigger than a laptop computer and comes with Auto-EF tools, automated speckle-tracking strain and on-board image quality optimization for medical professionals to help reach a confident diagnosis each time.


  • High-performance
  • Portable design, lightweight
  • Automated imaging option for easy acquisition
  • Enhanced image quality
  • Image quality optimization, increased efficiency
  • Automated speckle-tracking strain
  • Auto-EF tools
  • Several connectivity options


The first most noticeable thing about the Vivid q is that it does not come with a keyboard. It might seem like a huge concern for ultrasound users since there is no physical keyboard and just a touchscreen keyboard, with a limited amount of hard key controls.

However, even though it might seem as difficult to adjust at first, GE offers many technologies, including, Scan Assistant which eliminates many uses of the keyboard.

In addition to this, the absence of a keyboard makes the whole machine smaller, lighter, and overall less cluttered. After a short adaptation period, the absence of a keyboard in the portable ultrasound machine is not that bad.

The vivid q includes features such as touch screen gestures and many other things that cannot be accomplished with other ultrasound systems available on the market.

Many of the features are a solid advance in interaction for users and can actually make users more efficient. One the system is properly booted; you will find that the portable ultrasound system comes with a number of features and technologies that are ahead of the game.

Advances features, such as 4D TEE, diagnostic codes, HL7 compliance, Scan Assistant, and ICE among many others make the GE Vivid q much more like a console machine, rather than a portable laptop.

GE Vivid IQ Image Quality

            The image quality and efficiency of the Vivid q make it worth the investment. The portable ultrasound machine according to reviews from cardiologists and technicians produces images of amazing quality.

The speed and image quality of Vivid q are its strengths. The images are clear and crisp, moreover, the speed and efficiency of the machine are at a new level.

What’s more, there is no waiting or lag time when moving around the system. Compared to previous cardiovascular machines, this is a huge improvement.


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