Club Foot Shoes


Clubfoot correction shoes and braces are determined by the type of clubfoot the child has. There are different types of clubfoot depending on the angle of the deformity direction and underlying cause.

Regardless, the most popular clubfoot correction method is called the Ponseti Method, that involves casting and us of Ponseti shoes as early as possible (even a day after birth) for 4-6 weeks.

While casting with Plaster of Paris (POP) is still an effective method, Ponseti shoes with Dobb's brace works much better and safely without worrying about blisters and circulation compromise. Circulation compromise can lead to loss of the leg.

The image below shows stages of clubfoot correction using Ponseti shoes and Ponseti bar

Clubfoot Stages of Correction

Depending on the angle of deformity, Ponseti shoes/braces come in 4 main types. Let us first look at for main types of clubfoot deformities.

Clubfoot Types

Based on the direction/type of the clubfoot, Ponseti shoes are designed to specifically correct those deformities.


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