Digital Baby Weight and Height Scale

Weighing your unborn child is a fun and essential process. We all want to know how much our infants weigh when they are born as proud parents, family, and friends, and we frequently engage in guessing games or make predictions throughout the pregnancy. Gaining a precise weight measurement of the newborn kid is a crucial initial observation for medical experts present at the delivery that serves as a beginning point for the baby's growth.

Then, it will be possible to continuously monitor weight increase or loss to assess the child's development and health over their first few years. You should weigh them once per month for the first six months, then at least every two months after that, to ensure your baby is developing as expected. It is crucial to monitor the growth rate of every child.

As a result, it has become essential for healthcare facilities to have both weight and height scales. This is because difficult to monitor children's growth without paying particular attention to these parameters. Digital scales employs an accurate weight-information LCD to show the overload. It is constructed from odorless, non-toxic ABS plastic.

Primary Features

  • Innovative tray design: The plastic tray features a lock on the bottom that is simple to install or remove and provides convenient storage. Thanks to the concave design, there is no need to worry about rollover while weighing a baby or a pet.
  • Electricity and LCD
  • 2 AAA batteries are required (provided), and the device is simple to use after being powered by the batteries. The digital toddler scale will automatically switch off if no button is pressed for one minute. The LCD backlit display is easier to read.
  • Pregnant women can measure their weight during pregnancy to allow for maternal and child sharing. The tray can be used to keep an eye on the infant's size and weight and measure breast milk intake precisely. Additionally, it can weigh baggage and small animals.
  • Baby scales feature high-precision sensors for accurate weighing. Our digital baby scale is reliable and long-lasting. Its weighing range is 50g (0.1lb)-100kg (220lb), and its precision is 10g (0.02lb). KG, LB, and OZ One-button three-unit conversion may accommodate various weighing needs.
  • [Multi-function]: The scale includes three buttons that can switch between the kg, lb., and oz units. It also has a zero return function. When tampering, the hold function guarantees that the infant or animal can be precisely weighed.

How to use the product

  • Press the ON/TARE key to turn the scale on and begin the weighing operation.
  • Mode: key exchange for weighing units. Press the key to choose kg and ib alternately.
  • MEM: If you hit this key while the scale is in the "0.00" position, the previous weighing value saved in the memory will be displayed. Afterwards, the appropriate indicator will light up.
  • Maximum load: 100 kg. Battery power source

Why would one choose this product?

  • Small and portable

To be moved around and set up in various locations, baby scales used by visiting midwives and medics should also be lightweight and portable. This feature is less critical for infant weighing scales in a hospital ward, GP office, or clinic.

  • Tare Feature

To get a more precise weight reading, you can use a Tare function to deduct the weight of the baby's blanket or diaper. Tare feature can also gauge a baby's milk intake.

  • Strong & Durable

Baby scales must be solid and resilient to withstand any damage. Durable because they are frequently used at GP offices, hospitals and may even be brought to multiple home visits throughout the day.


To choose from one of the top weight scales available, browse the wide selection of wholesale electric baby scales with height. Look into the product options for the range of digital pocket scales available if you are a business owner who wants to weigh small packages or outgoing mail. Other jewelry scales are available for purchase at excellent costs for people who work with jewelry. A food weighing scale can be the right option for someone following a tight diet or who likes to monitor their meal portions.

There are many inexpensive electronic digital scales on the market. If you are still using analog bathroom scales, consider replacing them with a newer digital weighing machine to keep the scales accurate after some time. For digital weighing scales, things are simplified as you only have to replace the batteries, which will continue to work amazingly. For those who are looking for industrial scales meant to handle heavier items, there are several choices you can pick from.

You will be able to find products like truck weight scales and livestock scales in the product listings. Find the electronic baby scale with the required height at reasonable prices among the products offered. At GM Medical, we offer a variety of digital scales to suit your preferences at affordable rates.

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