Emergency Room Equipment

This is also known as the casualty or accident department. It is a medical facility specializing in emergency medicine and acute care for patients who are not visiting the hospital on appointment. The emergency room has all the basic tools required to treat ailments or injuries which are either minor or life-threatening. The services offered […]

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Portable 12-Channel ECG Machine

It is essential for every hospital to have adequate machines, especially those that help care providers to monitor the hearts of their patients. for this reason, every doctor requires a portable ECG machine that can help in taking care of patients both within and outside the healthcare facility. ECG machines confirm diagnoses and monitor any […]

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Zybio Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

The Zybio Chemistry Analyzer is an automated biochemistry analyzer that utilizes liquid reagents to function. The product can conduct chemical analyses of body fluids, including plasma, urine samples, whole blood, and even serum. The analytes that are used in this product include glucose, calcium, cholesterol, and other electrolytes. The product is customized for medium-volume chemistry […]

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Vital Signs Monitor

Introduction This monitor measures and provides information about physiological conditions and basic vitals of patients accurately to medics for evaluation. This data helps the physician understand the health condition of the patient better. It also alerts in case of an irregularity such as pulse rate, blood pressure, or body temperature. Vital signs monitors are a […]

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Vaunn Medical Blood Pressure Monitor

Introduction Vaunn Medical Blood Pressure Machine has been proven to be among the most versatile blood pressure monitors.  Vaunn monitor has adapted to SmartCheck Technology technique which provides ultimate precision and reliability when checking blood pressure levels. Having a sizeable arm cuff that fits children and adults as well as small and large arms, up to […]

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Patient Monitor Trolley Available in Kenya

Patient Monitor Trolley  

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Patient Monitor 12 Inch with Trolley

Patient Monitor 12"   Parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP, HR 12.1" Color LED Display Screen Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and HF Knife' Real-time S-T segment analysis and ARR analysis 7-Lead ECG waveforms display in phase Capture dynamic waveform SpO2 pitch tone variation and Drug Dose Calculation Standby mode […]

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Edan Fetal Monitors Available

FTS-3 Fetal Telemetry System  FTS-3 fetal telemetry system is a fetal monitoring device that uses sound wave technology without wires to track the baby’s heartbeat. It is an external electronic fetal monitor that provides continuous, accurate, and seamless monitoring. This is to keep a record of the baby’s heart tones for antepartum and intrapartum clinical […]

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Fetal Doppler, Baby Heart Rate Monitors in Kenya.

Fetal Doppler, Baby Heart Rate Monitors in Kenya. A fetal Doppler or a fetal heart rate monitor is a small handheld device that can be used in hospitals clinics or by pregnant moms at home. A fetal Doppler provides helpful and critical information about the wellbeing of the baby in the womb. A fetal heart […]

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Edan Fetal Monitors

Edan F2 Fetal Monitor In the formidable Edan fetal and maternal monitors, The F2 series is the cheapest yet with powerful black and white display. Edan F2 monitor is light weight and easy to carry. The Edan F2 feral monitor features a loud and unique alarm system to accurately and timely pinpoint mother & baby […]

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Patient Hospital Monitors

  Hospital Monitors and Home Health Monitoring Devices Different patient care areas requires different kinds of onitoring devices designed to monitor treatment progress, patient safety monitoring, point of care treatment and optimize patient care outcomes. We carry wide range of monitoring devices available in Kenya and the rest of East Africa. We have broken down […]

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Electronic Fetal Heart Monitoring: Are these Machines in Kenya and other African Countries?

  Fetal heart rate monitoring is a procedure used to evaluate the well-being of the baby in-utero by assessing the rate and rhythm of the fetal heartbeat. Unfortunately, in Kenya and most developing countries, this technology is rarely if ever used due to lack of medical equipments and supplies. Successful fetal heart monitoring during labour […]

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