On Call Plus Blood Sugar Monitor

Product Description

Monitoring blood sugar levels is simple and economical with On Call Plus. Within 10 seconds of receiving the sample, the gadget delivers the results. It is easy to keep track of blood glucose levels and is reasonably inexpensive. The user can collect the model from the forearm's fingertip. The device needs a minimal amount of samples to do an analysis. It can display averages over the previous 7, 14, and 30 days and store up to 300 test memories with date and time. The glucometer makes it simple and inexpensive to measure blood sugar levels. You will receive precise data from the glucometer in 10 seconds. You'll frequently check your sugar levels as well.

  • It is currently one of the most reasonably priced blood glucose monitoring devices.
  • It can display averages over the previous 7, 14, and 30 days and store up to 300 test memories with date and time.
  • People with pre-diabetes or diabetes can monitor their blood sugar levels at home, work, or even when away from home for a holiday with this On Call Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System.
  • Utilizing portable blood glucose meters enables you to determine whether your blood sugar is high or within a normal range at any time and location.
  • The comprehensive data management software for the On Call Plus glucose meter can be downloaded to your computer.

On Call Plus Blood Sugar Monitor Contents

A blood glucose meter and a code ship are included in the On Call Plus Starter Kit i.e.

  • Control method 1: Lancing tool (Clear Cap) (for testing on forearm and palm)

  • Handling case

  • User's Guide

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Quick Reference Guide Logbook

  • Warranty Card

How to Use

  • To turn on the meter and display all display segments, place a test strip into the strip port with the contact bars facing up and the end closest to the strip port. The meter will beep to indicate the meter is turned on if the audio option is enabled. Verify that the code number (CODE) on the test strip vial corresponds to the code number displayed on the monitor.
    If not, be careful to find and reinstall the code chip included with the strip box. Only run a test if the codes still match. To conduct a test, you will require a new package of test strips.
  • The blinking test strip and blood drop icon will indicate that the test strip is inserted correctly and a drop of blood can be added.
  • Touch the sample to the tip at the end of the test strip. If the audio option is on, the meter will beep to indicate that the model is sufficient and that the measurement has started. The meter will not turn on if the test strip has been inserted incorrectly.
  • After counting from nine to one, the meter will display the measurement findings. As soon as the measurement is finished, the meter will also beep. Pressing the M and S buttons simultaneously will mark the results as invalid and exclude them from the 7, 14, and 30-day averages.
    The result will not be considered for calculating the 7, 14, and 30-day averages, as shown by the pound sign (#) that will appear on display. To unmark an accidentally marked result, press the M and S buttons again. Run another test with a fresh test strip after recording the invalid development.
  • Once the inspection results have been verified, note them in your logbook together with the date and time and compare them to the objectives your healthcare professional has set.
  • Take out and throw away the test strip.

Things to avoid doing:

  • Applying the sample on the test strip's front or back.
  • Using a thin layer of blood to the test strip.
  • Firmly touching the test strip with your finger.
  • Adding one more drop of blood.


When purchasing a glucometer, one must consider quality controls. Follow standard blood testing procedures, but use a liquid control solution instead of blood. These solutions are typically included with your monitor and are sold at most pharmacies and drugstores. Follow the directions on the package. When you unwrap a new package of test strips, use liquid control solutions every time before using the solutions sporadically as you use the strips.

It would help to use liquid control solutions whenever one receives unexpected readings or drops your blood glucose meter. Blood glucose monitors, tiny devices that test and show your blood sugar level, are typically accurate when used correctly. However, occasionally they could be wrong.

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