Mission Plus HB Machine

For Hb and hct testing, Mission Plus Hb Hemoglobin Testing System System offers lab-quality accuracy and precision! It features a Deluxe Design and is distinctive. The product can also deliver accurate, timely, and convenient results.

Product Description

  • It uses the most economical hemoglobin meter to measure hemoglobin (Hb) and hematocrit (Hct) levels with lab-caliber accuracy and precision! In less than 15 seconds, the Mission Plus HB Meter provides accurate findings from a tiny drop of blood.
  • Goal Plus Hb Meter
  • Mission Plus Hb Test Strips, 10x with Codechip
  • One lancing apparatus
  • Lancets, ten
  • tenfold blood transfer Capillaries 10 l
  • four AAA batteries
  • User Manual for the Carrying Pouch


  • For POC Testing Only

  • Convenient handheld

  • Large, readable LCD

  • Accurate up to 1,000 results stored

  • Precise outcomes comparable to those from laboratory analyzers

  • 5 to 25.6 g/dL of Hb with a calculated Hct range of 13 to 75%

  • Quick and practical

  • In under 15 seconds

  • Auto-calibration

  • Through a Mini USB connector, fast data transfer


  • Time to results is around 15 seconds
  • The specimen type that can be used with this product include capillary and venous whole blood
  • HCT range is 13-75%
  • Hb measurement range is between 4.5 -25.6 g/dl
  • specimen volume is up to 10 microliters
  • the detection principle used by this product is methemoglobin
  • The methodology used is reflectance photometry.
  • The product memory can hold up to 1000 tests showing their date and time and even the ID number
  • wavelengths – 525 nm
  • Operating conditions range from 10 – 40 degrees Celcius (50 – 104Degrees Fahrenheit);
  • Strip storage conditions range from 2 – 30 degrees Celcius or 32-122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hb within run precision is equal to or greater than 3%
  • The accuracy rate of the venous blood: Y=0.9582X+0.5673
  • The accuracy rate of the capillary blood: Y=1.006X+0.026
  • Calibration of the product is automatic
  • PC interface – mini USB port
  • Strip shelf life can last up to 2 years if not opened and three months when the canister is opened.
  • LCD dimensions- 39 * 37 mm (1.54’’ *1.46’’)
  • Meter dimensions-  127 * 58 * 25 mm (5.0” * 2.28” * 0.09”)

How it Works

  • On one side of the chamber glass, there is a drop of blood - Using the tip of a hemolysis applicator, the blood is agitated until it turns transparent crimson rather than murky. The red cell membrane of the hemolysis applicator has been compromised by a saponin solution, allowing the intracellular hemoglobin to escape.
  • Blood plate is placed on top of the cover glass, which is then slipped into the metal clip. A reading is obtained when the blood chamber is pushed into the hemoglobin meter's side slot.
  • Once the blood chamber is complete with hemolysis blood, it is placed in the hemoglobin meter's slot, as seen in the accompanying image. A green split field appears when the hemoglobin meter is brought up to the eye, and the light switch button is activated. Click the image below to practice taking a reading. As the slide advances, pay attention to the concentration (in Grams of Hb/100 ml) at the point where the two halves of the field appear to be the same shade of green.

Before using the meter for the first time, one should read the user manual for complete blood sample collection and meter usage instructions: Mission Plus Hb Setup and Testing methodology. To improve the test scores, the user should also watch the instructional videos on the company website and YouTube.

They should ensure they have the following before beginning:

  • Goal Plus Hb Meter
  • Lancet Hb Mission Plus Teststrip & code chip, lancing device
  • Capillary transfer tube 10 l Protective Gloves Alcohol wipe


Hematocrit and hemoglobin levels in whole blood are determined using hemoglobin meters. Hemoglobin tests are typically performed to determine the RBC count, assess the degree of anemia, measure hematocrit, and other things. It is frequently utilized when giving blood or making crucial decisions like receiving blood transfusions. Hemoglobin meters are used to check for and identify disorders that could harm red blood cells or to determine the blood's hemoglobin level. The accuracy of the Mission HB Plus meter is quite excellent. The measurements are less than 2% different from the clinically proven leader.

Plus Hb hemoglobin measuring equipment uses just one drop of whole blood and offers findings in less than 15 seconds. In terms of the product’s reliability, the results are accurate thanks to the use of the reflectance photometry method. Digital hemoglobin meter features a large LCD to show the hemoglobin level virtually and a strip holder to hold the test strips. For the excellent performance of the Digital Hemoglobin Meter, it has soft-touch keys with auto-calibration capability. simple to use and gives results in less than 30 seconds that are quick and accurate.

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