Double Crank Manual Hospital Bed

The Generic Two Crank Hospital Bed is a product that helps patients to reduce expenditure. It is a perfect cost-saving solution that has no frills. The product is similar to the electrical version, and its height has been manufactured in a manner that it can accommodate most wheelchairs and commodes, which makes it easier when transferring the patient from the wheelchair to the bed. The bed is adjustable such that it can be lowered when necessary, such as when transferring the patient to the bed.

Other circumstances, such as when the care provider is attending to the patient, require the height of the bed to be increased. This explains why the Generic Two Crank Hospital Bed has two controls. It is also a reliable bed for individuals struggling with chronic diseases, which limits them from staying in bed. Depending on their needs, patients require the two controls to help them with the back raise and the leg raise. The back raise is especially important after feeding the patient to avoid complications such as choking related to bad posture.


  • Steel is used for the bed structure, making it sturdy and dependable

  • High-quality ABS engineer plastic is used for the head and foot boards, and side rails, guaranteeing user safety

  • Four 125mm-diameter castors with central locking

  • Two Cranks: 5.2 pairs of clamping side rails made of ABS

  • Packaging dimensions are 2080 mm by 930 mm by 440 mm (carton)

  • Gross weight: 140 kilograms and Net Weight: 130 kg

  • Up and Down in the Back Section (0-75°) Patients' ability to sit up and perform some daily tasks easily reduces the load of care for patients and nurses.

  • Up and Down Leg Section (0–45°)

  • Patient's legs are relaxed, their blood circulation is improved, their varicose veins are prevented, and everyday leg care is simple.

  • Free mattress whose color can alternate between grey, green, brown, and blue.

  • Free drip stand

Which materials are used to make the Generic Two Crank Hospital Bed?

· Guardrail: Aluminum alloy guardrail uses a specific spraying or oxidation process, which results in a long service life that is both stable and easy to operate

· Head and tail: Blow-molded using antibacterial and environmentally friendly materials, installation structure inserted, and head and tail lock at the base.

· Bed board surface: 2 mm thick, concave, anti-skid, and comfortable PP plastic injection molded with antibacterial properties. Air holes that are evenly spaced out keep the air pure and help to avoid bedsores.


Product Features

· Removable foot and headboards

· Silent castors

· Free mattress with adjustable footrests

· No cost IV pole or stand

· Patient Bed Two Crank features a braking system to hold the leg and headboard and is made of high-quality stainless steel.

. It is used in healthcare facilities or homes for patients to lie down and rest.

· Comes with a high-quality mattress and an intravenous drip stand.

· It is powder coated with epoxy and also pre-treated


Product Specifications

· Size: 198 x 90 x 40 cm (L x W x H).

· Weight: 60 kg

· Primary Materials: PVC and metal


Why purchase a Generic Two Crank Hospital Bed?

First, the Generic Two Crank Hospital Bed helps with the easier repositioning of patients. Certain positions care providers advise patients to depend on their medical conditions. Patients who have undergone procedures on their legs may require to raise them as prescribed. Others may have chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. If they are admitted for a different medical condition, they may be in the hospital for a long time which may demand that they take precautions such as raising their legs to help with a constant flow of blood.

Second, the Generic Two Crank Hospital Bed offers protection to caregivers. In some cases, patients may show wild behaviour that may harm the doctors. However, having the two cranks puts a barrier between the care providers and the patients. The advantage of the two cranks is that they are removable when needed. When attending to the patient, they can be adjusted to offer space to the care provider. The Generic Two Crank Hospital Bed also makes it easier for patients to get in and out of bed, especially if they are mobile. The bed is manufactured in a way that it has helpful accessories.


The Generic Two Crank Hospital Bed is an essential product for every hospital. It promotes the patient's well-being as it is adjustable on the legs and at the patient's back. The materials used to manufacture it are reliable and long-lasting. They improve the patient's comfort.

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