Drip Stand (Adjustable IV Stand)

MK-IS04 Portable Medical Adjustable IV

Mobile drip stands are made of a frame that extends substantially horizontally. Front wheels extend downward and rear wheels extend downward. There is an opening between the rear wheels that is wider than the front side of the frame's front half of with the front wheels. A post that extends substantially vertically from the frame that has hooks for suspending a drip bag is included.

The front side of the frame of the drip stand can be moved between the rear wheels and under the post of a second, identical drip stand on a flat floor without lifting either drip stand. And the post extends from the rear half of the frame, and in that the height of the upper side of the frame at the front side thereof is lower than the height of the bottom side of the frame under the post. A wheel at the base makes the drip Stand movable and simple to use. It is used to attach infusion bags or bottles. It has an adjustable height.

Product Features

  • Pole:304 stainless steel
  • Five pieces of rubber castors
  • ABS base cover; 450mm base diameter
  • Height-adjustable: 1260-1970mm, standard: 2 hooks
  • Lower tube diameter is 25 mm, while the upper tube diameter is 16 mm
  • Easily move the drip stand with the handrail.

Technical Parameter

  • Weight capacity: 10kg

  • Base size: a diameter of 450 mm

  • caster: A diameter of 50 mm

  • Adjustable height: 1250 to 1970 mm


  • Made of stain-resistant steel
  • Outer tube length: 1.000 mm Adjustable range: 1.350 to 2.150 mm
  • the stainless steel bottle holder
  • Economical movable infusion drip stands with five braked wheels that are 50 mm in diameter and a 635 mm base diameter. IV stand with four casters and a stainless steel base.
  • IV stand is portable and suitable for usage in several patient locations.
  • Drip stands can be raised or lowered depending on the demands of your patients.
  • Four safety bottle hooks handle infusion suspensions.

Drip stand base

  • Four pedestals with casters make up the base. Their flat tapered design makes it possible to store the stands in an overlapping manner, taking up less room. This indicates that the base can be readily slid underneath furniture in addition to being stackable.

Why should every healthcare facility have a drip stand?

  • Encouraging quicker weight loss
  • Symptoms of a hangover treatment
  • Addressing specific nutritional deficiencies
  • Getting rid of toxins and free radicals from your body
  • You'll feel more energized.
  • Improved cardiovascular health promotion
  • Reducing tension and encouraging relaxation

Some of the challenges that may arise when using a drip stand include the following:

  • Attaching the equipment (such as pumps) to the stand one-handedly. The other hand is required to keep the stand from rolling away. This frequently results in shoulder and back issues.
  • Because the infusion bags are fastened very high to the stand, lifting and attaching them can harm your health.
  • Infusion bags must be carefully attached to the hook. This is challenging when the post is lengthy.
  • Medical personnel is frequently pressured in terms of time. It takes too long and is too difficult to attach the bags.
  • The base and the casters frequently don't fit beneath the hospital furniture. The entire base occupies a large amount of space.
  • Five casters are standard for stands. It can be challenging to avoid running into the rack when walking next to it.
  • Unstable stands frequently topple.


Commonly used mobile drip stands have a frame reminiscent of a desk chair, with five legs extending radially in a nearly horizontal direction from the center and each having a castor extending downward at each end. From the middle of the frame, a post with suspension hardware for one or more drip bags extends vertically. Additionally, the post can have a pump attached to it. This model has helped to eliminate problems such as difficulty storing the stands, the shoulder strain experienced when attaching or removing IV bags.

Challenging height adjustment, and the challenges of mobility in hospital halls. Hooks, the height adjustability, and the base are the three main design elements of the drip stand. As a result of the hooks, the infusion bags dangle at least one meter above the infusion at the patient's bedside. Many bags can be fastened to them, there is less chance of the bags falling, and the shoulder and neck region is not overloaded.

  • Height adjustment features include:
  • Ergonomic hand lever requires little effort to raise or lower the rack
  • Quick height adjustment is done by the straightforward unlocking system
  • Hand lever makes transporting the rack simple
  • Pump attachment is located on the opposite side of the lever.


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