Surgical or Operating Table

Manual, Electric, or Hydraulic Operating Table Guide Introduction Surgery tables are important for all surgeries. They give a steady, comfy place for the patient. They help the surgery team work with precision and ease. History and Evolution Old surgery tables were simple wooden boards with straps. They weren't comfy and made surgeries harder. In the […]

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Anesthesia Machine Available in Kenya

Most people are familiar with the word anesthesia. It is a collective word for taking painkillers and being sedated during surgery. It is a significant medical advancement that benefits both patients and physicians. Anesthesia refers to a loss of pain perception, particularly when it is brought on artificially through the ingestion of medications or the […]

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Electric Plaster Saw Surgical Power Tool

The saw blade should be installed with the blade shaft fixed, embedded with the pull head axis position of the flat side, and the other nuts in front of the saw blade wrench removed. Then, remove the concave sleeve and the saw blade and tighten the other parts. Ensure the motor ventilation path is clear […]

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Portable LED Clinic Gynecological Examination Lamp

Reliable lighting equipment that doesn't generate glare, shadows, or other hindering effects is necessary for a thorough skin inspection. Lighting systems for examination rooms should offer a balance of cozy ambient and task lighting. The choice of the proper equipment is very difficult to work due to the variety of lighting devices and the wide […]

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Drip Stand (Adjustable IV Stand)

MK-IS04 Portable Medical Adjustable IV Mobile drip stands are made of a frame that extends substantially horizontally. Front wheels extend downward and rear wheels extend downward. There is an opening between the rear wheels that is wider than the front side of the frame's front half of with the front wheels. A post that extends […]

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Multi-Function Electro-Hydraulic Operation Table

YA-08EH Hydraulic Operation Table Surgical procedures have become common issues in many hospitals, making a multifunctional theatre table one of the health facility needs. A hydraulic operating room multifunctional theatre table serves all purposes of the theatre. It is designed to accommodate the needs of patients requiring different types of operations and simultaneously accommodate the […]

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Anaesthesia Trolley in Kenya

Anesthesia Trolley: What it is and how it works Anesthesia machines are an essential tool for anesthesiologists to provide safe and effective anesthesia to patients during surgery. The machine has undergone significant technological advancements over the years, making it a crucial component of the modern surgical suite. What is an Anesthesia Trolley? An anesthesia trolley […]

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Dressing Trolley in the Medical Field

Also referred to as a Surgical Instrument Trolley. Dressing trolleys are an essential piece of equipment in the medical field. They are designed to hold all the necessary items for wound care, dressing changes, and other medical procedures. These trolleys are typically found in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. In this article, we will […]

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The Surgical Room Equipment

You may have come across an operating room either because you needed such medical services or even in a television program. It is also possible you might have interacted with an individual who has been in the operating room, probably a close nurse or any other medical practitioner. The surgical room sounds so scary that […]

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5 Functional ICU Electric Bed

Introduction The fully electrical product has enough adjustment options to ensure that the head, knees, feet, and Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg are all elevated. The item is sent completely constructed after being ordered. It does, however, have the headboard and side rails, which are typically hooked. It is significant to note that this bed can […]

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Gynecology and Obstetrics Delivery Bed

Multifunctioning bed The multifunctioning gynaecology and obstetrics bed is a product that has been manufactured to help women during some difficult times, such as when they are bringing a new being into the world. The labour period can be devastating due to the pains that women experience during delivery. The product has been developed with […]

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The Purpose Of Endoscopy Procedure

Endoscopy In medicine, endoscopy is a non-surgical procedure that involves the insertion of a long, thin tube directly into the body to observe an internal organ or tissue in detail. An endoscope is an illuminated optical, typically slender and tubular instrument used to look deep into the body with a light and camera attached to […]

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Anesthesia Machine Prices In Kenya

Anesthesia is the use of medicine to prevent or reduce the feeling of pain or sensation during surgery or other painful procedures (such as getting stitches). The anesthetic gas machine is also called the anesthesia workstation, or anesthesia delivery system. It is a medical device which generates and delivers a precisely-known but variable gas mixture, […]

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