Gynecology and Obstetrics Delivery Bed

Multifunctioning bed

The multifunctioning gynaecology and obstetrics bed is a product that has been manufactured to help women during some difficult times, such as when they are bringing a new being into the world. The labour period can be devastating due to the pains that women experience during delivery. The product has been developed with female needs during delivery in mind.

Its design allows for women's parturition and gynaecological operation. The gynaecology electric bed can be adjusted in specific areas according to the patient's needs. As a result, not all adjustments will be necessary for every delivery case. Again, each type of movement is regulated by humans, even though the product is electrical. The leg section of the parturition can also be disassembled when need be. The mechanical drive structure allows the operator to adjust the front and back lean as required by the patient.

The back section introduces barometric pressure and spring pressure, which help create an adjustment angle. The electric part of the bed contributes by enabling table-board movement using the designed motors. Operation of the multi-functional delivery bed requires individuals with knowledge of how it can be utilized to ease the process of childbirth for women despite experiencing immense pain.


Uses of the multi-function electric obstetric delivery bed

  • Adjusting the parturient woman
  • Helps with surgery needs
  • Examination of whether or not it is time for childbirth
  • It also helps with gynaecology diagnoses


Multi-function electric obstetric delivery bed specifications

  • Various colours can be availed depending on the buyer’s preferences
  • Size: 2060*960*650-920mm
  • Materials used in designing the product include Foam, steel powder coating, and oxford fabric.


Product Features

  • Each multifunctioning bed has a pair of the brake pedal

  • A set of ABS head and footboard

  • Four pieces 5" castors with central brake system

  • A piece of the plug cable holder

  • Two pieces of angle displayer

  • A piece of the stainless steel tray

  • Four pieces of bumper wheels

  • Two pieces of PP side rails

  • Two pieces of hand grip

  • Two pieces of PU knee crutches

  • A set of motor systems

  • One part of three section foam mattress

  • A set of ABS head and footboard


Why choose a multifunctioning electronic delivery bed?

The gynaecology and obstetric delivery bed has been designed with the needs of the parturient woman and her care provider. It allows for transportation of the woman from one place to another when necessary. Hence, there is no need to transfer her from one bed to another. There are more advantages of using this bed, such as the stockpile environmental conditions such as relative humidity of about ≤80%.

Others include the atmospheric pressure of between 50kPa~106kPa, and ecological temperatures which range between -40ºC~+55ºC. It also offers to move environmental conditions, which include relative humidity ≤70%, atmospheric pressure of 70.0kPa~106.0kPa, and environmental temperature of between 5ºC~40ºC.


Functioning of the Multi-function Electric Bed

The obstetric bed offers four essential functions: Trendelenburg and re-Trendelenburg position, height adjustment, and backrest adjustment. The designs also consider all the expected and unexpected occurrences, such as situations that may lead to the need for CPR. As a result, it allows the performance of CPR as it is designed with dual-side manual CPR release levers for the backrest. This is a critical aspect that saves the lives of the parturient women in case of an emergency.

The gynaecology delivery bed comes with a manual Trendelenburg, which can tilt up to 12°, essential for clinical management. The multi- functional electric bed also has a functioning transformer which separates the footboard with related construction and castors. It can quickly and easily convert from a versatile delivery platform to a standard hospital bed. As a result, experts in child delivery can use it depending on their needs and the patient's needs before and after child delivery.

Once a woman has delivered a child, she remains in a delicate state that does not require constant movement. For instance, in an event where a woman has undergone a caesarean section for delivery, it is not advisable to move them unreasonably. They need time to rest. Therefore, this product makes an excellent fit for both CS candidates and those who experience normal childbirth.



The multi-functional delivery bed is reliable and valuable for women during the period of labor pain and delivery. It has features that help the patient to ease their pain by adjusting their posture or seeking support from its design. It makes the care providers' work more accessible as it has a stainless steel tray from which necessary equipment can be stored for easy retrieval.

The electric gynaecology delivery bed allows for various functions, such as use during delivery, and can also be adjusted to support the mother's needs immediately after delivery. During transportation or movement of the woman in case of a necessity, it enables the care providers to adjust the atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, and temperature as required.


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