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When someone decides to buy something, they know why they are doing so and the intended use of the good or service. Make sure you choose wisely if purchasing items for a hospital because your prior service will count. People pay for the services a doctor requests. Thus, when purchasing medical equipment, quality cannot be overlooked. The role of the examination table during the medical cross-examination makes it one of the most significant pieces of hospital furniture.

Most of the time, it may be utilized for any patient case until it becomes too urgent. Some hospitals even have it tailored to meet specific patient demands, like a gynecology examination table. The examination table or couch is the fundamental piece of furniture used for exams in a multi-specialty hospital or clinic. It must make patients feel at ease as they enter the examination room. However, picking the ideal table for your requirements might be difficult.

Product Details

  • Height-adjustable backrest with motorization
  • Manually tilting the pelvis
  • An easy-to-use wired handset control
  • Lithotomy crutches with a cover that are easily removed (pair)
  • A plastic pan that is easily removed
  • Built-in hand grips
  • Integrated roll-holder for paper
  • Backup batteries

Typical Features

  • Powered by electricity for use in gynecology, urology, examinations, and basic surgical procedures, a remote-controlled backrest with height adjustment is designed.
  • Product size: L: 2035mm; W: 600mm; H (550mm- 850 mm).
  • Manual CPR with handles on either side of the backrest and manual Trendelenburg (0–12°) by cranking
  • Four 125mm-diameter castors with a linear locking system
  • Adjustable IV pole with two hooks and a urine bag holder
  • Simple to remove Leg supports
  • Mattress Density: 28 Upholstery foam made of cloth or fake leather

Gynecology Examination Coach Qualities that must be considered

  • Certification- A certificate verifies a product's quality. Exam sofa must have through many tests for things like weight, quality, features, and so forth. To understand what these credentials are for and how significant they are for the examination couch, don't forget to inquire about the certification and look into its authenticity.
  • High-quality materials utilized- You may always find out from the manufacturer what raw materials were used to make the product. Knowing that the type of steel used to give strength and the type of material used to create sheets would satisfy the hospital's specifications and, as a result, ensure the material's quality is helpful.
  • Durability- Its quality relationship is favorable. The durability will increase as the quality does. Don't forget to inquire about the product's typical lifespan. Additionally, please inquire about the cost of maintenance because it significantly impacts the product's quality in the future.

Factors to consider before buying a gynecology examination coach

  • Exam tables can easily transfer from one room to another. Therefore, these tables must be sturdy and lightweight, making them simple to move.
  • Gynecology exam tables must be fundamentally changeable so that patients can undergo procedures that call for various positions.
  • Simple to use: Choosing the best examination table is essential. Select a table that is simple to use. The surface, for instance, must be simple to clean.

Importance of HF3915 Gynecology Examination Coach

  • It can be used to determine a disease's cause. Your doctor may recommend a pelvic exam if you have gynecological symptoms, including pelvic pain, atypical vaginal bleeding, skin changes, abnormal vaginal discharge, or urinary issues. Your doctor can determine the origins of these symptoms with a pelvic exam. Your doctor might advise more diagnostic procedures or medical care.
  • It is also used for evaluating your gynecological well-being. A pelvic exam is frequently included in a standard medical examination to look for early cancer indications, ovarian cysts, STDs, or uterine fibroids. Pregnancy also frequently involves pelvic exams.


The gynecological Examination Couch is a top-notch item that is reputable worldwide. The company that manufactures and supplies the gynecological examination couch is well-known for its high-quality goods, welcoming customer service, and professional approach. To read the specifications and reviews, scroll down. The parts are not sent out for preparation as part of the manufacturing process control; instead, the entire process is under the supervision of the inspection department. To fulfill global standards, the product goes through several preparation processes.

Additionally, after powder coating, high-temperature baking is performed to ensure the paint finish. It has electric positioning for the height, backrest angle, and tilt positions. Along with the operator's chair, base frame shrouding, removable or fold-down extension, leg supports, matching head cushion, side support loops, debris tray, and paper roll holder, the chair also comes with a matching operator's chair. The crescent-shaped seat has completely adjustable leg supports for the patient's comfort. The buyer can choose a fold-down or removable seat extension with the couch.

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