Surgical or Operating Table

Manual, Electric, or Hydraulic Operating Table Guide Introduction Surgery tables are important for all surgeries. They give a steady, comfy place for the patient. They help the surgery team work with precision and ease. History and Evolution Old surgery tables were simple wooden boards with straps. They weren't comfy and made surgeries harder. In the […]

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Double Crank Electric Hospital Bed: A Revolutionary Piece of Medical Equipment

Double Crank Electric Hospital Beds Available in Kenya A hospital bed is an essential piece of medical equipment that is used in a variety of medical settings. Hospital beds are used to provide comfort, support, and care to patients who are unable to move on their own due to a range of medical conditions. Traditional […]

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Dressing Trolleys: An Essential Element for Efficient Patient Care

In the medical field, time is of the essence and every second counts. In order to provide the best care for patients, healthcare professionals must have access to the right tools and equipment. One of the most important pieces of equipment in a hospital or clinic is the dressing trolley. This small but mighty piece […]

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Three Function Electric Hospital Bed

With a button on the remote control, the three-function electric hospital bed's electric motor controls raise the bed's head, foot, and integrated height. This electric bariatric medical bed is perfect for use in hospitals and at home. Hospital bed controls being electrical makes them far more practical for the carers than the manual mechanism. Majority […]

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Canvas Patient Stretcher

Metal wheels allow the canvas hospital stretcher for patients to be moved about. Different frames, wheels, and racks make up a wheeled stretcher. Emergency medical services, rescuers, and the military make use of this product. The EMS stretchers used in ambulances include wheels to let them move more easily over paved surfaces. This includes a […]

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Four-Fold Ward Screen

Hospital ward screens are intended to give your patients a less clinical setting. Our displays are perfect for hospital patient rooms, clinics, and specialist care facilities because they are quick, efficient, and always put the needs of the patients first. Patient privacy screens and medical dividers are made to provide shield barriers between patients and […]

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Infant Care Equipment Neonatal Transport Incubator

in-F200 Hospital Infant Care Transport Incubator  The infant incubator is a typical piece of equipment in maternity homes, neonatal intensive care units, and pediatric hospitals. Incubators provide a secure and stable environment for newborns, frequently those born prematurely or with a condition that renders them particularly vulnerable during the first few months of life. Similar […]

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Gynecology Examination Coach

HF3915 When someone decides to buy something, they know why they are doing so and the intended use of the good or service. Make sure you choose wisely if purchasing items for a hospital because your prior service will count. People pay for the services a doctor requests. Thus, when purchasing medical equipment, quality cannot […]

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Three Function Hospital Bed

Triple Crank Bed The triple crank bed, also known as three function bed or Gatch Bed was invented by Willis Dew Gatch during the 20th century. The modern 3-segment adjustable hospital cot has more adjustment features that can be accomplished manually and by using powered means. The functions include leg extends and bends, complete body […]

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