Three Function Electric Hospital Bed

With a button on the remote control, the three-function electric hospital bed's electric motor controls raise the bed's head, foot, and integrated height. This electric bariatric medical bed is perfect for use in hospitals and at home. Hospital bed controls being electrical makes them far more practical for the carers than the manual mechanism.

Majority of the time, it is epoxy coated and looks fantastic. The headboard and footboard are removable, making it very simple to move the bed. A metal sheet supports the mattress at the top of the bed. In any circumstance, it helps to keep the mattress straight and firm.

Side rails are collapsible and constructed of ABS engineering plastic when not in use. Four pockets are on each side of the bed for storing items, and shoe holders are at the foot of the bed. Given that this is a standard hospital bed, there are patient name holders at the head and foot of the bed.

Main features

  • Three cranks move the backrest, footrest, and Trendelenburg.
  • Mild steel bed frame with an epoxy coating
  • Four-section bed rail
  • IV poles with height adjustment
  • Hooks for drainage at the side of the bed
  • Angle-indicator side rails made of ABS
  • ABS head and footboards that include perforations for simple bed movement
  • Dia125mm silent castors, each with a separate brake
  • Four corners have bumper castors for protection
  • Free installation and removal of PE headboards and punched steel plate surfaces.
  • Stable and dependable to have a bed frame made of profile steel.
  • Electrostatic plastic spraying produces an attractive, sturdy, and long-lasting surface.
  • Guardrail made of folding aluminum alloy is simple to use.
  • Bed corners have anti-bump cushions installed.


  • Dimensions 2160*960*500mm overall

  • Trendelenburg 0-12°

  • The back section is adjustable from 0-75°

  • Foot section adjustable 0-40°

  • The safe working load for casters is 175 kg.

Why purchase a three-crank electric hospital bed?

  • Reduce heartburn and acid reflux.

Even if you did not have a full stomach when you went to bed, heartburn and acid reflux could still happen. This is because when you sleep on a flatbed, your stomach's acid runs into your esophagus. The abnormal movement of acids causes acid reflux and heartburn. To stop stomach acid from traveling to the esophagus, experts advise inclining the head 5 to 6 inches. Even in the absence of symptoms, elevating the head with an adjustable bed lowers the risk of nocturnal heartburn and improves digestion as you sleep. After a series of tests on patients with acid reflux, a Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology article reveals that bed.

  • For effective circulation

Your circulatory system's blood flow quality significantly impacts the quality of your nighttime sleep. Pressure during sleep prevents blood from reaching the pressurized areas of the body, which in turn affects how well we ultimately sleep. Assuming sleeping postures on an electric adjustable bed will lower your blood pressure.

In addition to that, it  will allow more blood to circulate to your heart and the rest of your body. People with particular circulation problems can use the adjustable frame to set their mattress at suggested levels, improving the free flow of blood and oxygen throughout the entire body.

  • Enhance the digestive process.

Digestion and other food-processing activities continue while the body is asleep. Scientific studies show that sleeping flat causes the gastrointestinal processes to be significantly or completely slowed down, which explains why many individuals occasionally wake up feeling queasy.

Tilting your head to the suggested 6-inch position with an adjustable bed frame promotes easy digestion while you sleep. This lessens the possibility that you'll experience stomach discomfort when you wake up.


The four-wheeled electric bed uses a central locking system that can be broken down into three sections. The sections include; bearing structure, mattress platform, and the connector pieces. High-grade carbon or low-alloy structural steel is used to construct each unit-bearing system.

Materials for the frame are cold-formed, rectangular steel pipes that have been welded. In regards to the moving parts, machining was used to weld square and round steel pipes. High-quality ABS engineering plastic and steel components make up the headboard.


Adjustable beds maintain your body's natural curves without putting undue stress on your muscles. These beds adapt to support your head, neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, thighs, legs, and feet with the press of a button, allowing muscles to unwind.

Blood circulation on the legs is unaffected and improved by merely lifting your legs. The electric beds can elevate the head and legs to many positions using a simple hand control, making your time in bed much more comfortable and relaxing.

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