Hospital Trolleys Available in Kenya

There are many trolleys employed by medics in hospitals to hold out specific tasks while aiming at patients. Trolleys need safety rails and trauma functions among other features to ease transfer and resuscitation functions during emergencies. Here are some of the categories of trolleys available in hospital wards that we are going to discuss today:

  1. Emergency or Medicine trolley

  2. Dressing or Instrument trolley

  3. Anesthesia trolley

  4. Monitor trolley


1. Emergency Medicine Trolley

Also referred to as a crash cart trolley. The emergency trolley, a five-drawer multifunctional treatment trolley, is made from ABS coating material. It is accustomed to transporting and dispensing emergency medication during a life support protocol. 


  • Centralized locking system feature
  • The structure is made of aluminum alloy with stratified panels on the sides.
  • The ABS plastic coating and stainless steel
  • The material used makes it easy to clean the trolley and provides corrosion proof.
  • Anti-static and wrap-hair proof
  • Lateral slides with working shelf for writing
  • Automatic shutting system
  • Five adjustable and removable swallow-tail-handle drawer cassettes.
  • The price range is within $950
  • The base has a polyurethane integral bumper protection
  • Has four 125mm caster wheels and two brake systems
  • The size of the emergency trolley is: 80cm by 58cm by 98cm
  • The back side has an oxygen tank holder, CPR board, and a 5-meter power cable.
  • Comes in various colors including; blue, white, green, yellow, red, and purple
  • Accessories; file cassette, needle disposal container, defibrillator shelf, stretchable drip stand/IV pole, two waste-bins
  • Dimension of the ABS medicine cassettes varies between 75cm * 48cm * 93cm and  85cm * 52cm * 105cm

Accessories Included

Upper side:

Defibrillator shelf

Drip/IV stand

Rear side:

Oxygen tank compartment with straps

Bar with hooks for accessory tools

Right side:

Trash bin

Probe holder or catheter holder

Working tray with panel

Recessed compartment

Left side:

Adjustable five-layered drawers

Removable working shelf 


Emergency Trolley


2. Dressing Trolley

Also referred to as a Surgical Instrument Trolley. Dressing trolleys are made from welded stainless steel and used to place surgical tools during an operation.


  1. Dimension: 60cm by 40 cm by 86cm
  2. Comes with four swiveling grey castor wheels of 12cm each
  3. It is made of stainless steel material which is easy to clean
  4. Has two separate storage shelves
  5. The trolley has one stainless steel drawer
  6. A detachable trash bin that can be rotated
  7. Also has guardrails around it to prevent items from falling
  8. The smooth track on it reduces fatigue
  9. Four castors or truckles and two brake systems
  10. Weight capacity is 90kg
  11. The tabletop shelf is wide and convenient for placing instruments and working platform
  12. Comes with an arc push handle of 8cm by 40cm


Dressing Trolley


3. Anaesthesia Trolley 

They are specifically used by nurses to diagnose medicine to patients on treatment


  1. Overall size is 100cm by 61cm by 79cm
  2. It has an accessory tower that can hold a number of items. These include a waste bin, and storage baskets to maximize the working area
  3. Anesthesia trolleys have an electronic locking system to provide quality security and limit access
  4. Drug syringe dispensers are also attached to the sides of the trolley for efficient functionality
  5. Accessories include; a writing shelf, a waste bin for sharp objects, a glove box dispenser
  6. Drawer dividers


4. Monitor Trolley

Patient monitor trolleys are moveable trolleys used in hospitals or at home to support the patient monitor display and to hold unit cameras, printers, and various medical equipment. Trolleys are generally found in emergency rooms or critical care units because of their flexible and mobile nature. It helps show ongoing progress to caregivers for patients in need of immediate treatment or constant check-ups. The patient monitor trolley is also used as an endoscopy trolley for storing laparoscopic items.


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