Emergency Medicine Hospital Trolley

Trolleys need safety rails and trauma functions among other features to ease transfer and resuscitation functions during emergencies. Also referred to as a crash cart trolley, the emergency trolley, a five-drawer multifunctional treatment trolley, is made from ABS coating material. It is accustomed to transporting and dispensing emergency medication during a life support protocol. 


  • Centralized locking system feature

  • The structure is made of aluminum alloy with stratified panels on the sides.

  • The ABS plastic coating and stainless steel

  • The material used makes it easy to clean the trolley and provides corrosion proof.

  • Anti-static and wrap-hair proof

  • Lateral slides with working shelf for writing

  • Automatic shutting system

  • Five adjustable and removable swallow-tail-handle drawer cassettes.

  • The price range is within $950

  • The base has a polyurethane integral bumper protection

  • Has four 125mm caster wheels and two brake systems

  • The size of the emergency trolley is: 80cm by 58cm by 98cm

  • The back side has an oxygen tank holder, CPR board, and a 5-meter power cable.

  • Comes in various colors including; blue, white, green, yellow, red, and purple

  • Accessories; file cassette, needle disposal container, defibrillator shelf, stretchable drip stand/IV pole, two waste-bins

  • Dimension of the ABS medicine cassettes varies between 75cm * 48cm * 93cm and  85cm * 52cm * 105cm

Accessories Included

Upper side:

Defibrillator shelf

Drip/IV stand

Rear side:

Oxygen tank compartment with straps

Bar with hooks for accessory tools

Right side:

Trash bin

Probe holder or catheter holder

Working tray with panel

Recessed compartment

Left side:

Adjustable five-layered drawers

Removable working shelf 


Emergency Trolley


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