5 Liters At Home Oxygen Concentrator (Jay-5)

 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator 

5 Liters (Jay-5) oxygen concentrators for home use are stationary units manufactured by Longfian that are used for oxygen therapy at home.

Unlike the portable concentrators, the single flow concentrators come equipped with caster wheels. These wheels facilitate moving the device from one room to another within the house. Due to their large size and weight, they are often referred to as Stationary Oxygen Concentrators.

For patients who suffer from asthma, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or other related respiratory ailments, an air concentrator is an essential item.

Jay 5 is used by patients who lack adequate oxygen supply in their blood. This is because the unit offers continuous flow oxygen that is supplied to the respiratory patient without interruption, during both inhale and exhale cycles.


J5 Single Flow Oxygen Concentrators for home use are usually much larger than portable units and offer more continuous oxygen flow. The unit comes with a nasal cannula that allows efficient movement of patients within their own homes.

These units provide 1 to 5 LPM of continuous oxygen flow. Patients can regulate the amount of O2 flow by a selector on the control panel on the unit. The Jay-5 units also come with an O2 sensor.

The sensor determines the actual output of oxygen being delivered to the patient. Usually, the life span of a home oxygen concentrator should last around 4 to 7 years.


Features of J5 Single Flow Concentrator

Model                                   JAY-5
Flow rate                            0-5L/min
Purity                                   93±3%
Outlet Pressure (Mpa) 0.04-0.07
Sound Level                      ≤50db
Power                                   AC220V±10% or AC110V±10%, 50Hz
Power Consumption     ≤530W
LCD display                       Operating pressure, Present Working Time, Accumulating Time,                                                                                                                       Switch time, Presetting Time (10-40hrs)
Alarm                                    Power failure alarm, High&Low pressure alarm, Temperature alarm, Low purity alarm.
Net Weight                         26.5Kgs
Size (mm)                           365×375×600mm
Warranty                             1 year
After-sale Service            Technical Support
Nasal cannula                    Standard
Product name                    Oxygen Concentrator


The Jay-5, 5L/Min oxygen concentrator is affordable, energy-saving, and safe to use. Therefore, Jay-5 can be used for the treatment of respiratory system diseases, cardiovascular and cerebral vascular system diseases, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is also used for carbon monoxide poisoning and other hypoxia diseases. Jay-5 single flow concentrator is suitable for clinics, community hospitals and homes.


Stationary Single Flow Oxygen Concentrator


Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units:             Single item
Single package size: 45X45X65 cm
Single gross weight: 27 kg
Package Type:           Carton


5L Stationary Oxygen Concentrator Machine

  • Designed to supply continuous oxygen supply up to 95% pure.
  • Comes with a nasal cannula and power cords.
  • A few of them remaining at the moment.




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