Siemens Emotion 6 CT Scanner in Kenya - Refurbished

The Siemens SOMATOM Emotion 6-slice CT Scanner is a whole-body scanner with a compact air-cooled Gantry designed for fast patient throughput. Easy operation and enhanced productivity are guaranteed by the user interface and workStream workflow solutions. The 2004 siemens emotion 6- CT Scanner is available to ship to Kenya and has a syngo software ct 2007e ics/ ies vb38b. The X-Ray tube installation date is Feb 2010 with 454669 scan seconds mct172. Here is a brief description of the refurbished CT scanner;


  1. 360˚ scans in rotational speeds of 0.53, 0.8, 1 1.5 seconds
  2. Routine thin slice imaging: 6 x 0.5mm
  3. Ultra-Fast Ceramic (UFC) Detector Technology
  4. DURA 5.0MHu X-Ray Tube
  5. Tube Focal Spot(mm): 0.8 x 0.5, 0.8 x 0.7
  6. CARE Dose Technology
  7. Navigator Operators Console
  8. SureView reconstruction system
  9. 70cm patient Aperture with ± 30 Tilt
  10. Laser Positioning Lights
  11. Dual side controls on gantry & table
  12. 40kW X-Ray Generator
  13. Multiple kV and mA Techniques
  14. Core Package: Syngo General, Care Dose, 3D_Main, VoiMode, SSD, MIP, and MPPS_Support
Siemens CT Scanner - Kenya

Siemens CT Scanner

Other Features

Syngo user interface enhances lung and cardiac care
Easy to use and operate
Ideal for image-guided interventions
Equipped with an air-cooled, high-speed patient gantry
Fast 3D-processing tools
Includes the SureView multislice image reconstruction system
Reduced patient radiation exposure

Advantages of SOMATON

The Siemens 6-slice is one of the top elite low-end CT machines. It comes with a real-time exposure control that automatically adjusts the tube current to patient anatomy. This feature reduces the dose with no loss in image quality. Siemens Emotion 6-slice CT scanner has registered great performance on high-volume facilities. Additionally, it comes with high-power reserves that allow hospitals to work effectively. Also, the CT scanner produces high-quality images that impress both the sonographer and the patients. Another benefit is that the refurbished SOMATOM Emotion 6 CT scanner is equipped with advanced clinical applications, that is; a slim, wide-open, high-speed patient gantry. These features enable the healthcare facility to provide fast, high-quality clinical care with low radiation doses.

More Advantages:

  • Large volumes (6mm x 0.5mm) with exceptional resolution
  • SYNGO cross-modality user interface (common look for ALL imaging modalities)
  • Fast 3D processing tools
  • Compact Air-Cooled Gantry
  • Pitch value between 3 and 10.8
Siemens Somatom Sensation CT Scanner

Siemens Somatom Sensation CT Scanner


Siemens Emotion 6 CT Scanner Machine – Kenya 


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    1. Hello Juli, the siemens is currently sold out. what you can do is preorder and place a deposit then we can facilitate shipment and installation

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