Zybio Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

The Zybio Chemistry Analyzer is an automated biochemistry analyzer that utilizes liquid reagents to function. The product can conduct chemical analyses of body fluids, including plasma, urine samples, whole blood, and even serum. The analytes that are used in this product include glucose, calcium, cholesterol, and other electrolytes. The product is customized for medium-volume chemistry analysis. One of the advantages of this product is that it can be used to constantly run at least 400 tests every hour and offers promising results with higher efficiency. It can be used non-stop for at least 24 hours because it has a refrigeration system for reagents. As a result, this provides a controlled operating environment.

Product Details

  • The product has a power supply of about AC 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz

  • 40 positions of sample capacity

  • It has a bilateral LIS interface which ensures constant and convenient transfer of results.

  • The product comes with 97 original reagents and quality controls

  • The reagent types that are good for this product are usually ready to use and in liquid form

  • The product also uses a wavelength of between 340-800nm, which produces a total of 12 wavelengths

  • It has parameters with a variety of materials, including sodium, lithium, potassium, chlorine, and calcium

  • Methodology: kinetic, endpoint, and fixed-time (two points)

  • The control methods that are used with this product include intraday, real-time and inter-day control. However, there is room for more control methods depending on the product's intended use.

  • Colorful touch screen

  • The product allows for sparing of more space


Benefits of the Zybio Chemistry Analyzer

The manufacturers provide at least 100 original reagents and quality controls, enabling users to access reliable and traceable results. The product also comes with a colorful touch screen that is attractive and allows for intuitive navigation. It provides a user-friendly experience, enabling an individual to operate it with or without prior knowledge of the product.


How the product works

The product is first prepared, and the liquids are mixed into a solution. Afterward, the solution is incubated if need be. Manufacturers advise that the resolution be passed via a colorimeter to measure the product's absorbance rate. This is done when it is still within the reaction phase. Sometimes it is aspirated into a flow cell to allow room for absorbance. The absorbance of the solution is measured by determining the flow through the colorimeter. The product works by first allowing the operator to insert the samples of urine, cerebrospinal fluid, plasma, or serum into a tray. The tests are then programmed through a bar-code scanner or a keypad. After the test analysis is completed, the reagents are stored within the analyzer. However, the whole system may demand a constant water supply for cleaning and managing the product's internal parts. Once the analysis is completed, the operator can directly read the results from the screen. There are standard ports where one can connect the product to a computer or a printer, depending on their needs.


Who uses this product?

The product is significantly used by medical doctors, chemical laboratories, and even pharmaceutical firms to ensure the testing of any substances that may contribute to helping healthcare providers to understand the problems that affect the human body. As a result, such analysis helps care providers treat certain diseases that affect human beings, including HIV and AIDs, fertility issues, thyroid problems, sexually transmitted diseases, kidney conditions, hepatitis, diabetes, and cancer.


Why choose this product?

The product can be operated when placed on a benchtop or a cart. However, it is critical to note that some systems can also be used only in places that provide floor space. The product can be used to determine the concentration of different metabolites, drugs, electrolytes, and even proteins that may be present in body fluids and can prevent normal functioning.


Product operating steps

The product's operator loads the tubes with the necessary samples into the analyzer. Some advanced products may show that the reagents are already stored within the instrument, so there is no need to load them. The product code scanner then detects the test orders for each tube. Sometimes the operator may have a program to help them achieve the desired results.


Generally, Zybio Chemistry Analyzer has proved to be a reliable product as it has attracted positive reviews. It is a quality product that enables experienced individuals to analyse body fluids' chemical composition, which helps medical experts detect certain diseases affecting their clients. The operator finds it easy to operate the product as it has a pre-installed system that provides a user-friendly experience. The product can be used in any firm that researches diseases affecting human beings and even hospitals. Once the results are achieved, the operator decides the mode they want to receive. First, it can be printed, left in the computer, or stored within the analyzer's memory.

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