Electric Wheelchairs For Sale in Kenya

Introducing Affordable Electric Wheelchairs at Low Prices

Mobility for persons with disabilities in Kenya is a major problem. In the last 10 years, with industrialization, so have been road accidents and other debilitating accidents increased.

Electric or Motorized wheelchairs unchain patients from their loved ones and their caregivers.

This has left hundreds of thousands of Kenyans with limited mobility or disabilities.
Traditional wheelchairs require a manual push, and in most cases, someone to push the person with limited mobility. Even in situations where a person with limited mobility can propel the wheelchair, it is hard and mostly impossible to propel up the hill and rough terrain in Kenya and the streets of Nairobi.

Electric or motorized wheelchairs have the power, speed, and ability to make mobility easier. Some of our electric wheelchairs can safely achieve speeds of up to 8 miles an hour or 12 Km/hr.

Understanding electric wheelchairs.

All wheelchairs are not created equal. Different electric wheelchairs available from GM Medical are designed for different reasons. The following are some examples of various reasons how electric wheelchairs differ: -

Electric wheelchair - Kenya

Rough terrain electric wheelchair

  • Nature of debilitating injury – Example, lower spinal cord or upper-level injuries requires different considerations and configurations.
  • A person with disability weight – some electric chairs are built to handle as much as 200kg of weight
  • Cognitive level of the person with a disability. Some diseases that affect the brain like meningitis and stroke may compromise cognitive functions of the brain. Such patients require highly specialized electric wheelchairs built with highly sensitive safety features. In some cases, the ability to detect patient distress and automatically lock up wheels to prevent injury/accidents
  • Terrain/environment where the chair will be used. Most roads and paths in Kenya are rough and require rugged wheelchairs that can easily roll over rough terrain, seasonal roads, and bumps. Such wheelchairs ought to have higher wheels, springs, and other shock absorbers.
  • User occupation: Different persons with a disability requires different adaptations. A bank secretary may require a different wheelchair from a shopkeeper. The ability to easily move inside shop isles requires a specialized electric wheelchair.
  • Age: Elderly patients with limited mobility may have a slow reaction time. In most cases, electric scooters are more ideal for them.
quadriplegic wheelchair - Kenya

Designed for quadriplegic patients

Benefits of using electric wheelchairs in Kenya

Our culture is slowly improving to accommodate and appreciate persons with disabilities. Traditionally, persons with disabilities were seen as unable and a bother. While this mentality will take time to see persons with disabilities as able, the following are some of the key benefits of using electric wheelchairs.

  • Get your mobility back: The ability to be able to move in and out of the house freely is priceless. Immobility is depressing
  • Become independent again: Think about not having to ask anyone to push you around. Independence is power and this will greatly improve self-esteem.
  • Get there faster and safer: Electric wheelchairs are faster than any human walking speed. In fact, at 12 kilometers/hour, this is nearly a marathon speed.

Sample Pictures of different electric wheelchairs:
Electric wheelchairs - Kenya
Electric wheelchair - Kenya
Power wheelchair - KenyaMotorized wheelchair- Kenya
Best for indoor use
Ordering Information:
We would recommend you give us a call or visit us so we can discuss your options. We’ll be more than happy to help you select the right wheelchair for your needs.

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Electric Wheelchair Sales & service
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Electric wheelchairs for sale in Kenya.
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129 comments on “Electric Wheelchairs For Sale in Kenya”

          1. Hello Antony, the wheelchair price varies from 2230k - 350k depending on function.
            Kindly give us a call on 0722932625

        1. Hi, Do you have quality normal wheelchairs (non- electric)? How much does it cost? Send me pictures of what you have.

          1. Hello Gerald. We do have the manual wheelchairs. Please call us on 0722932625 for more details.

  1. Hi I was wondering if you have spare parts for the electric wheelchair, specifically rear wheels maybe 12'' in diameter.

  2. Hi,my aunt has had issues with her mobility even before I was born, and am 24 so you can imagine. She has had one wheelchair for almost the same amount of years. I think she has elephantiacize,I dnt even know if thts the spellings but her spin is bad n all tht,her weight is like 160kg. What wheelchair can I gt her n how much do you think it will cost.my name is njeri. Please advise

    1. We can source and ship an electric wheelchair from USA. It would cost around $2000-$2500 for heavy duty motorized wheelchair. Waiting for your reply

          1. Hi Abdi, we have the motorized wheelchair that can also be used as manual.
            Price is 175,000

        1. Which automatic wheel chair would you recommend for an elderly lady she's middle size in body weight. What price and how soon can it be available

          1. Hi Victoria, the wheelchair will mainly depend on the condition, age, and body weight. If she is less than 100kgs and needs it for mobility around an environment that has flat terrain with less roughage on the surface, then she can get one ranging from 120,000 to 150,000.
            We deliver as soon as the order is confirmed and it takes between 2-24 hours.

            Kindly give us a call on 0722932625 for more information.

          2. Hi. I'm looking for a wheelchair for my dad. He suffered a stroke 21 years ago n since mid last year his health has deteriorated n now is immobile. Would like a simple, second hand electric with commode. Thanks

  3. AM WORKING ON A PROJECT of raising funds to buy a fellow student a motorized automatic wheelchair. kindly issue me with a contact person whom i can work with to the end. Am in Nairobi Karen, my number is +254705446773. kindly please.

      1. Hi Benadine, we have brand new electric wheelchairs that work well on rough terrain and able to recline/decline function as both manual and motorized available in our offices. Please get in touch with us on 0722932625

  4. Hello I'm looking for a wheelchair for my sister. She is not capable of walking due multiple sclerosis. The lower body is more affected. What would be the best wheel chair for her?and what would be the price?

      1. I am looking to help buy my cousins a foldable motorable wheelchair. Please get in touch on 0703765776 because I need advice

      1. Hello Esther, there are a few factors such as the condition, weight, and age that we need to consider before recommending the best option to use. Kindly call us on 0722932625 or email us on sales@medical.ke for more information.

  5. I am so glad you are able to supply this electric wheelchairs.I am interested in either the second nd or third one in your display list.The blue ones in color.Please let me know the prices.I need one ASAP for my father.

  6. Hi I have one of the scooter for sale pre owned new tears good condition , shipping from USA arriving in March looking for competitive buyer

    1. Hey..My name is Lucy. I'm suffering from paraplegia.. currently using a walking frame but it's tideous and while I'm still looking for a job,could you kindly recommend the type of wheelchair I could use.and the price too..thank you.

  7. Hello, my grandma is 99. She was born with a disability where one of her legs is weak and little shorter than the other. She has been doing awesome walking with a stick for the last 99 years. But I be now she an hardly go to and back around her compound. What type of will chair do you propose and how much will it cost?

    1. Hello, I am looking for motorized wheelchair that can be used in sand. No paved roads. My friend is suffering from perkinson's disease and can't walk anymore. Kindly send me possible motorized wheelchairs that can be used on non paved roads! lishmaalim@gmail.com 0722512455.

  8. Hi, I would like a wheel chair for a 6 year old girl living with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. Would please give me a quote. Regards,

    1. to help you get the right chair for the cognitive and motor functioning of the child, We will need the following information.
      1. What type of cerebral palsy is it? Example: Spastic, athetoid etc
      2. Children with cerebral palsy struggles with fine motor functions and cognitive functions. Can this child use the hands. Do they have cognitive functions?
      3. Does the child suffer from seizures?
      4. Will the child operate the wheelchair themselves or will require a wheelchair operated by an adult?

      Let us know this information to get the best wheelchair that fits the needs. Electric wheelchairs are powerful machines and requires careful evaluation and risk management to avoid injuries to self, others or property.


      1. Thank you Greg for your reply. My daughter is spatic. she does not use her hands, she is 100% dependant. She is on medicaton to prevent seizures. She will require a wheelchair operated by an adult. I do not necessarily need an electric wheelchair, more of a rehab buggy for the child.

        1. Hello @Rose, we are located in Westlands, 67 Muthithi Rd. Kindly give us a call on +254722-932-625 for more information.

        2. Hi, I'm John my son has cerebral palsy can't support on himself nor speak. Currently sitting on manual wheelchair which is very big and travelling with is hectic. Can you get him a customized wheelchair and how much? Kindly advise via email he is 6yrs.

  9. Hey. I have osteogenesis imperfecta and I am hoping of buying a motorised wheelchair but would like to know the price and your location before my parents starts the fundraise.would you kindly conduct me.

  10. Hello Greg,
    Kindly send me details and cost of electric wheel chair. We need one for my 23 year old sister. Thank you

  11. im looking for tuk- tuk for for my disabled uncle he cannot use his legs, but he can drive with his both hands. what do u have for such person

  12. Hi, I am looking for a motorized scooter for my father. He lives at the farm. What would you recomend?

  13. Hi l desperately need a wheelchair because I broke my spine and l'm getting wounds. My hands are week so I need a motorised chair. Please give me prizes.

    1. Hi Winfred, we have quality motorized wheelchairs that range from 200,000 and we offer guidance on how to use them on purchase. Kindly give us a call on +254722-932-625 for more information

    1. Due to security risk, unfortunately we can only sell them. The risk of losing it or getting parts taken out as a rental is very high.

    1. Hello Geoffrey, we sell new manual wheelchairs that range from 10,000 to 30,000 depending on the specifications.
      Kindly contact us on 0722932625 for more information.

    1. Hello, the price depends on the condition and specifications of the person in need. Kindly contact us on +254722932625 for more information.

  14. Hello. I would like a strong motorized wheelchair for a boy aged about 10 yes. He is my neighbours son . our outdoors are very rough. Please quote the price

          1. Hey..My name is Lucy. I'm suffering from paraplegia.. currently using a walking frame but it's tideous and while I'm still looking for a job,could you kindly recommend the type of wheelchair I could use.and the price too..thank you.

          2. Hi Lucy, we would recommend a standard manual wheelchair to assist you become flexible in movement. We have it for 12,000 shillings in our Westlands office. You can also opt for the electric one which uses a rechargeable battery while moving around and is more faster and easier to use. The price for the motorized one is 150k.

            However, your decision will depend on your budget and use of the wheelchair for daily activities.
            Please reach us on 0722932625 for more information.

  15. I have a brother who lives in harsh conditions in a camp located in the outskirts of Kenya. I would need something suitable for him. Please email me with a quote.

  16. looking for a mortorized wheelchair for my dad to move around the house and outside the rough terrrain one. He is 90 and has some function, this would make his life so much easier.
    One thats adjustable and you can use at the table too. can I have a quote

  17. Hi? I need an electric wheelchair for my 12 years girl born with spinalbifida. Upper body parts working well but lower parts paralyzed. I live in rough terrain and needs raised wheels. How much is the type does it cost?

    1. Hello Peter, we have a wheelchair that will fit your specifications. Please see email for more information, we have shared the details including photos.

    1. Hi, we only sell brand new wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs range from 12,000 to 27,000.
      Motorized wheelchairs range from 155,000.

    1. Hello, we get them on pre-order basis for the wisking brand.
      please call 0722932625 for further details

  18. we looking to buy electric chair for our brother to increase mobility .he suffered polio and this left his limbs folded up. So no lower limb function. He has one strong hand which he uses for every thing. He is able to support his head well. we need one that can move easily in rural settings .Where are you located in nairobi ?...price to look at?

    1. Hello Elizabeth, we have an electric chair that can decline/recline among other features. One unit remaining in stock. We're located in Westlands, Mitsumi Business Park
      Please reach us on 0722932625 for more details.

  19. Greetings. i need a comfortable wheelchair that can used indoors and in the car for my client. More like the ones pictured above. whats is the cost? how can i view the chairs and where are you? what is the time lag from ordering to receiving?

  20. i am looking for a wheelchair for an elderly man aged 91yrs, weight 100kgs, has mobility problem due to age, will be used around flat terrain and in the car. cost and delivery time?

    1. Hello Charles, which type of wheelchair? We have manual and electric ones.
      The manual commode recliner wheelchair comes with a headrest, leg rests, and a pot. It is favorable for him to support his weight as well costs 28,000.
      The motorized one with a comfortable leather cushion seat and also reclines is 180,000.
      For more details, please check email.

    1. Hi Elly, the wheelchairs we have are from children aged 13 years onwards. please reach us on 0722932625 for more information

    1. Good evening. The powered wheelchair is KES 180,000. Please reach us on 0722932625 for more information.

  21. Hi how can I be helped to have a heavy duty wheelchair I live in garissa the place is full of rough road,,,kindly would love to finish my exam

    1. Hello Christine, the power wheelchairs are currently sold out. Although the ones we sell are used in tarmacs or mildly rough terrain. For your case, the road would cause the tires to chip and damage them.
      But we will restock within a month and keep you posted to visit and have a look at what we have.

     Maximum User Weight:450 lb
     Minimal Seat Width:19 ''
     Minimal Seat Depth:19 ''
     Driving Range:13 mi
     Base Width:26 ''
     Minimum Turning Radius:22 ''
     Drive Electronics:120A R-net
     Seat To Floor Height:18", 19", 20" (elevator), and 18", 19", 20"
     Recline Options:85°-120° (manual), and 85°-150° (power)
     Armrest Pad Lengths:13", 16", 18"
     Optional Seat Elevator:8"
     Weight Including Batteries:425 lb

    1. Good morning Ann, the H9K wheelchair is not available. We usually supply the Wisking power wheelchair

  23. Am interested with electrical wheelchair because I was involved on road accident 2016 and my spine was totally broken and up to now I have never walk. Can I get one and pay for instalment because I can't afford to pay cash at once?

    1. Good morning Kupalo, sorry about the accident. You can pay in instalments but it's usually limited to three months. Please reach us via call/whatsapp for more information on 0722932625.

  24. Greetings,
    I need a quote for an electric wheelchair suitable for rough terrain usable by spinal cord injury person (t2-t4)

  25. Please advise how much does it cost to buy an electric wheelchair especially using solar system

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