5 Liters At Home Oxygen Concentrator (Jay-5)

 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator  5 Liters (Jay-5) oxygen concentrators for home use are stationary units manufactured by Longfian that are used for oxygen therapy at home. Unlike the portable concentrators, the single flow concentrators come equipped with caster wheels. These wheels facilitate moving the device from one room to another within the house. Due to their […]

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BiPAP (Bi-Level PAP) Machine Available in Kenya

What is a BiPAP Machine? BiPAP, which stands for bi-level positive airway pressure, falls under the Non-invasive ventilation therapy. It is one type of PAP that is used to maintain a consistent breathing pattern. Mostly used at night or during symptom flare-ups in people with COPD. Other treatments include asthma, bronchitis, meconium aspiration syndrome. Atelectasis, […]

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