Vaunn Medical Blood Pressure Monitor


Vaunn Medical Blood Pressure Machine has been proven to be among the most versatile blood pressure monitors.  Vaunn monitor has adapted to SmartCheck Technology technique which provides ultimate precision and reliability when checking blood pressure levels. Having a sizeable arm cuff that fits children and adults as well as small and large arms, up to 42 cm diameter, it has become popular go-to home equipment.


Technical Specifications

  1. Model: Vaunn vB100A

  2. Display Type: Digital (LCD) Liquid Crystal Display

  3. Battery life indicator

  4. Alarm Clock Function

  5. Measuring Method: Oscillometric

  6. BP Range: 60 - 255 mmHG

  7. Arm Cuff Range: 8.7” - 16.5”

  8. Net Weight Capacity: 580 grams

  9. PR Range: 40 - 200 beats per minute

  10. Accuracy: ±5% for PR and ±3mmHG for BP

  11. Size: Length 4.9” by Width 3.5” by Height 2.3”

  12. Function: Electronic Blood Pressure Monitoring

  13. Power Source: 4 AA alkaline batteries required. 

Some of its features include:

Dual user and Guest mode setting. Vaunn blood pressure machine enables two users to check their BP levels simultaneously while recording the readings separately. This has helped couples save on costs such as getting two different monitors. The Guest Mode enables one time measurement without recording the data for the user.

Large storage capacity. Each user can store up to 99 readings before reset. This means you can track your blood pressure level within three months and have the doctor diagnose your health using this information.

3-Colored backlight. The traffic light bar indicator shows three different colored backlights; green, yellow, and red. They ease visualization and that alert the user of any irregular readings.

  • Green- Normal reading. (120mmHG - 129mmHG)
  • Yellow- Elevated or hypertension stage 1. (130mmHG - 139mmHG)
  • Red- Hypertension stage 2. (140mmHG - 180mmHG)

Advanced technology. Vaunn blood pressure machine comes with a SmartCheck technology that automatically takes three measurements of your blood pressure to ensure there is accuracy in the readings.

Vaunn reduces lower back pain and fatigue. The medical blood pressure monitor reduces pressure ulcers, sciatic and back pain. The machine is able to reduce numbness, pressure on the spine, back and hips as well as soreness

GentleRead alogarithm. This alogarithm and the sphygmomanometer, which is a pulse monitoring machine, are features equipped on the monitor. They help the user to a pain-free and comfortable measuring experience while the cuff inflates.

Large arm cuffs.  The size is one size fits all. It can measure up to 42cms wide and this ensures a comfortable measuring experience.

Portable and user friendly. It is lightweight and uses batteries, 2 pairs of AA batteries. This enables the user to walk around with it and use it anywhere including home, office or in a car.

Accessories. The Vaunn blood pressure monitor comes with a small carry bag, two pairs of AA dry cells with 1.5V, and a user's manual.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • If no activity is detected on the monitor within one minute, it will automatically switch off. This saves on the battery power.
  • Could I be having a medical condition if my blood pressure levels are  normal but high during stress? Yes. You might have labile hypertension and need to visit a healthcare and seek advice.
  • Can the monitor readings be affected by other electronic devices? Yes, they can. This is because Vaunn has sensitive microcomputer components which have strong electromagnetic fields. The aftermath could be measurement inaccuracy.
  • How do I manage hypertension? This is an important factor for those with obesity, advanced age, on treatment of depression or stress among other issues.  Working out frequently, avoid smoking, limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine, eat a balanced healthy diet and consult your physician for advice on habits to change.



Vaunn Medical Blood Pressure Monitor is a non-invasive device that is clinically tested and approved for checking BP levels. Once the memory capacity is achieved, the new measurement results are recorded as they overwrite the old recorded readings. The Vaunn BP machine is easy to read and use. In case you need further information, do not hesitate to reach us via email on

Please note that products that have electrical plugs are designed for use in the united states.

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